SF4 360 vs SSF4 PS3...time differences?....please help

Ok so I have roughly 9k pp on vanilla SF4 for the 360. I just barely picked up SSF4 for the ps3 b/c I got a good deal on a TEs stick. So basically the timing for me is just different. I even tried going from the vanilla SF4 on the 360 w/ my standard edition fightstick and I can own all the combos on my first try. It’s been miserable on SSF4 on the PS3 w/ the TEs stick. Now I know they are two different games, 2 different controllers, and two different systems. It still bogles my mind. I’m getting owned by everyone on the PS3 b/c I feel like when I hit the button on the TEs it like lags or something, whereas the 360 on vanilla SF4 w/ the SE fightstick it responds exactly when I press the buttons. I even went out and bought a second SE fightstick thinking I just sucked with the TEs stick and still it like lags when you push the buttons compared tot he 360. I was doing some research and found another user that quoted the following:

“I play on both and both Offline and Online on the PS3 feels totally different than on 360. Now whether or not it’s the game or Madcatz stick… Did anyone think of that? I can’t play the PS3 version. When I do trials it takes twice as many tries as it would to do it on 360. Online feels like I’m playing on a 56K connection sometimes. There is a huge difference in super between the two consoles. Vanilla not so much. It was easier to adjust. I’ve tested super on multiple TV’s and Monitors all with the same out come.”

source: http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2010/aug/09/video-shows-timing-difference-between-ssf4-versions/

Does anyone else have this issue? Can anyone shed some light on this? I bought SSF4 on the PS3 so I could game w/ my brother, but I think it might have been the biggest waste of $ if it can’t perform like the vanilla SF4 does on the 360. I reaaaaaaallly don’t want to buy another SSF4 for the 360 just to see if its the system, but who knows. Anyhow let me know what you all think or if you can shed some light on this.


SF4 is slightly slower on the PS3. Everything still works. You just have to adapt to the timing of things.
Online is definitely worse, you’re right.

A laggy monitor or tv may screw up your confirms as well, keep in mind.

-signed, a PS3 user

Got ya so you don’t feel it’s inferior just have to readjust to the timing? Both of my nightsticks the SE and TEs are brand new so I doubt it’s the controllers. Must just be the response times from when the buttons are pushed till when it registers the commands on screen is slower on the ps3 than the 360.

Are the timings in the game between pressing the buttons till when it registers on screen different in general from vanilla SF4 to SSF4? It appears that way to me.

This has been covered elsewhere, but yes the PS3 version has a slightly longer input delay between when you press the button and when your action appears on screen.

It’s noticable, but you can adjust to it. There are tournaments that are run on PS3 (notably EVO), so whether it’s “inferior” is highly debatable. It may be less arcade perfect, but it’s “EVO perfect”.

If you take a few days off from playing the game you probably wouldn’t even notice it when you came back.

edit: I’m talking about offline only. Online play is a different monster.

For the most part everyone uses wireless on the ps3 so it tends to be laggier. If your willing to pay for gold membership, take it then, it’s the better choice but not the cheaper one. Not sure if Gears if worth renewing gold for or not. Also if your using default ps3 controller chances are your using pad, if your using 360 controller chances are your using analog, analog can basically be twice as fast as pad. PS3 pro elite is an xbox looking controller. Mad Cats didn’t seem to have made good controllers back then in the ps2 days so it might just be the stick but for the most part at least they look interesting, can’t say about the quality though.

Power A is the company that makes PS3 PE

Forget everything you know? Chances are you didn’t knew anything in the first place then. Still, if both players have good connection on the ps3 it should be fine or at least good enough. Of course it if were lag free, it would be significantly easier for the better player to win faster.

Yea I wasn’t sure what the deal was bc I just picked the game up about a week ago. Kept having those delayed responses and gettn my ass whooped so I plugged on the xbox w reg SF4 and continued to have perfect timing/responses. I guess I’ll have to keep only playing ps3 and forget everything I know to try to get used to it.

Well I’m using wired fightsticks on the ps3 so it wouldn’t be wireless controllers causing the issue.

Can anyone confirm if the timing is different in SF4 vs SSF4?

It’s a timing difference between ps3 and 360 versions of the sf4 series including ssf4 and ssf4AE…

Awesome. I appreciate everyone’s input.

PS3 has more input lag than the 360 version. 360 is more responsive. it has nothing to do with the stick. It is old news that the PS3 has an additional second or 2 of input lag.

Fact. It is quite common knowledge at this point.

^ Yep, it had to do with converting the game from the Taito hardware to a very different kind of beast (PS3). The Taito Type X and 360 hardware a very similar in architecture so that’s the reason 360 is arcade perfect in regards of timing. I am no programmer but I think Capcom confirmed that converting the game to the PS3 added those 2 frames of lag because of how the PS3 process a game that was originally built for a very different kind of hardware.

360 is better than ps3 - but it is by no means arcade perfect. The arcade version feels so much more responsive than any other version I’ve played

^My bad then, I sould’ve said “closer to the Arcade” instead, I haven’t seen a SSF4 cabinet in my life unfortunately. So what about the graphics between Arcade and Consoles, any notable differences?

No major difference. I heard the 360 version looks better than arcade because of the AA - but they still look very similar.

I still find it really frustrating that ps3 and 360 versions don’t match. Why hasn’t capcom addressed it?