SF3 Zero Damage video



lol…the yun and yang part was pretty good

super cool.

Remy vs Urien was awesome.

nice sparring hahaha.

That was pretty sweet.

Yeah nice

Wow, that was pretty awesome!

dope dope

sickest exhibition i’ve seen in long ass time. mad mad props

this is really cool nightmare, are you a 3s player?

thoroughly enjoyed this vid. evasion is the best defense in real fighting and i like trying to use that in 3s although blocking and teching seems most favorable…:frowning:

UOH to avoid Yang SA2 is fairly common

yeah uoh can avoid a lot of things like low attacks…jumping away avoids…crouching is seen a lot in this vid but kinda but cant rely on that one…footsies are prob the best evasion

mind boggling…

thanks for the comments guys


Obviously, elseway I should leave the room silently now.

more plz

wicked !

crouch dodging yuns hat taunt :smiley: