Sf3 online edition hold the salt

Do you ever find yourself holding grudges because of sf3?

Is this really necesary.

Ask Halberdius that, i didnt start the thread trolling he did.

Just let it go bro.

Halberdius, I gotta say, I think I recall you RQing on me too. I don’t hold it against you, I got people RQing on me for a million different reasons. But if you’ve done it, then you’ve done it.

video or it didnt happen

Avoid XBL, where everybody “disrespect” everybody and nobody knows what that means bcuz nobody explains.

Is this a MMO thread where you expect a GM to come flying from GM island to come for your aid?

Seriously god damn, if someone rage quits on you in a fighting game; you’re supposed to grab a beer and start laughing like Magneto.

Online 3salt turns into petty grudges easy. In person it tends to motivate rivalries pushing people to get better and learn to beat that ass!

It’s all about not getting sucked in to the dead end cycle.

Alright so techturtle liked my post and I disagree with that, so I may have been wrong about you disconnecting on me and it was actually techturtleyolo. I do recall playing him a few times and feeling rather disappointed.

LoL I have a kara demon with your name on it Dander any day :smiley:


Down rh best move ever. lol

I can’t tell if Dander is a troll or the worst Hugo ever.

i think he was yun.

He’s also the worst Hugo ever tho.

I was wrong. Halberdius is the BEST now… On some Highlander type shit.

“My dicks bigger”…“No my dicks Bigger” “No mine is” “No MINE”

U guyz…

I just whip it out from time to time.

Its amazing how childish the FGC is. If your good at a video game…so what. It means nothing. If you lose in a video game…so what It means nothing. Grow up people. Its a goddamn video game.