SF3 Makoto Rip

Another SF3 rip. I had some help with makoto as you can see from Hybrid Fury. He did touchups, and cleaned the hair and face. The sprites also have been reduced to the colors shown if you were wondering about the colors thing.

Comments and Criticism would be cool

http://gallery.cybertarp.com/albums/userpics/20781/SF3 Alex Rip.gif

http://gallery.cybertarp.com/albums/userpics/20781/SF3 Makoto Rip.gif


[EDIT] Reposted the Alex because it was redarkened as suggested in the other thread. Makoto has been redarkened as well, shes much darker then as in the screenshot.

interesting seeing how ninja gaiden claims he ripped the same alex pic and it came from gamespot :lol:

Yeah, did he get banned yet?

We were owning him pretty bad in that thread. Then he started making the most retarded excuses like “Sorry guys, only my uncle knows the truth”.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

That looks like a Simpsons Makoto. (Yellow skin)

not bad but it’s pretty bright and the face needs work but good job on the ripping and cleaning up… i know thats a headache :slight_smile:

Good job man.
My friend ripped this sprite of Gill.:slight_smile:

Meh, The screenshot was so much brighter. Thats the darkened version.

Here’s 2 rips by BEEM4N6, that I cleaned up.



great job!






From sprite rip city right…

that mokoto’s skin is still too yellow

For those of you who read this far down, heres the Makoto with her skin re-recolored… Also posted at the top now.


You might wanna consider coloring her scarf/bandana a much more vivid yellow/gold.

hey great work… but u also recolored her scarf… :confused: color the scarf back to yello again and she’ll lok perfect :slight_smile:

Another cleaned rip:


Get the colors down to 16 and you have it cleaned, otherwise its been Ripped.

[EVERYONE WHO HAS THE MAKOTO RIP] Guys, Im sorry i didnt post this earlier. But I took the Makoto down because its gonna be reposted with a major ass update. Better colors, Her other hand… and fixes to her suit and left foot. If you still have the old one delete it and use this one when posted.