SF3:3s Twelve thread

SF3:3s anyone have strats/tips for usin’ twelve?

i started out in this game usin’ yang, moved on to remy, tried out ibuki an’ now i wanna use twelve. anthing i should keep in mind while learnin’ t’play this character?

Stay off the ground and play a long to mid-range distance game against your opponent. close s.MK can be super jump cancelled for a runaway game. Ground or air A.X.E. (whip hands) is good on a grounded opponent who doesn’t have meter for a super. Good as a pressure tactic.

The main strategy is to land hits slowly. No need for combos because Twelve can hit and run. He is in an extremely good position once he’s ahead because he can dance around with confusion tactics, making it difficult for his opponent to land damage.

I could explain a lot more, but it’s best to see a video of a really good Twelve in action. Try looking up Darth’s B5 video because part of it has Chikyuu Sodom doing some mad Magneto-like airdashing with Twelve.

Hyt, did you notice that in the white 3s guide they say that twelve can do low short low short super I? I don’t recall him being able to link or chain low shorts. Something I did notice about his low short though is that you can check to see if it hits, then buffer in the super which gives him a much needed low game.


Well 12 CAN supercancel the c.LK. I just don’t know about the c.LK x 2 bit…

I’ll throw in some freebies from the recent Toronto tourney where a Twelve player owned almost everyone. These tactics are general but tend to work against everyone I’ve ever taken Twelve against.

Aside from his AXE move (qcb+P) as anti-air, another good anti-air that rarely misses and is tough to parry is his EX qcf+P move where he puts his arms in the ground. This tracks the opponent, and in some cross-up cases, I’ve seen Twelve’s arms pop up behind him and hit the opponent. Also, if someone does manage to parry it, you have enough time to jump away or dash back with Twelve, even while his hands are still in the ground. Lastly, sometimes you can combo a stand roundhouse after this move… I think this was shown in one of SlimX’s videos. Stand strong also connects when near the corner.

If you’re in the air and your opponent jumps, do an EX qcb+K. I’ve only been parried once or twice when using this, and generally everyone eats the two hits. You can also be on the ground, see your opponent jump, and you can then jump back and EX qcb+K and it will work.

The regular combo I’ve seen for Twelve is his low jab/low short into jab AXE XX XNDL, but while it looks good, landing his b+MK move into XNDL takes off significantly more it seems.

Well; what I am trying to do now is make sure I have enough space to do exactly what I need to do; and to use many long range attacks - and of course; air dash.

With good space; I find it good to just to go for the heavy strike into an XNDL set-up combo; or just to continuously dash in with weak strikes at different points to get the opponent to come out and force an attack. When this happens I use many EX attacks to keep them out again in general (EX qcb+p or even EX qcf+p - whatever is necessary at the time). I prefer using EX qcf+p because it can be followed up for some extra points of damage - handy for 12; seen as he takes damage like a bitch. lol

I am also trying to do lower air-dashes; seen as it allows a 12 player to get the most out thier game by varying the points of air dashing.

Well; this is what i’m working with at the moment - i’ve been using 12 now for a couple of months and i’m making good progress at the minute. :slight_smile:

PS : The only XNDL combo I use really is c. lp, A.X.E xx SAI. Plus its always good to use 12 against Hugo; imo.


Oh Twelve is fun on Hugo on either XNDL (saI)or XFLAT(saII) esp XFLAT though just looks so sweet when you otg that some bitch.

I just do s. rh to poke. It’s fun. Meaty c. fierce is also a blast. EX Fireball is makes me giggle. :smiley:

12 main game is to keep his opponets away. Some of his best pokes are wp, d.wp, mp d.wk, d.mk. His best anti air move is his J.fierce that thing has mad range it will make your opponent think twice about jumpiing in the air. s.mk is also a good poke thats if it hit/block because you can do D,U into qcb+K in the air. This works very well in the corner. I think IMO his SAI is the best in the game it helps when you do the A.X.E or Ex N.D.L. Also one more thing with 12 learn how to Parry very well. He can walk under FB so thats a plus but 12 is a keep away character and not a rushdown IMO. Learn his pokes and anti airmoves

Anti-air moves
Ex N.D.L
Jumpin Fierce(his Best Anti air)

UF, F…quick air dash…all you needs to knows…

What’s the best move to “triangle jump” with Twelve?

probably LP, or MP.

Any must use poke strings?

it goes beyond that my friend. mp is good when 12 is gliding from half or end of the screen towards the opponent. the prority is pretty good . As for LP, do it when u are really very close. it can sometimes stop some wakeups. good crossups and can setup for SAI super or qcb+p or whatever

twelve sux twelveNETO owns badly

Too bad Hugo can tech roll to avoid OTG.


gunjack: obviously it’s a lot more complicated than that but LP and MP are going to be your main pokes. there’s stuff like if the LP hits early you can pretty much land and throw, there’s stuff like MP if they are ducking so that it whiffs and you can grab them. HK so that it cancels the quick airdash and whiffs and you grab them, mid height air dash, MK so it whiffs and you grab them. jump back air dash mid height, HP. if they parry the HP they can’t really do anything after. there’s a lot more stuff but it boils down to playing smart and not doing stuff reclessly.

i hope there aren’t any mistakes in this post…

well, i finally go to test out my new 12 skills on my friends last night, an’ let me tell y’all…they HATE him now. i’m so happy! i got bitched by my one friends elena though…need more practice fighting her i guess.

i use a lil bit of air dashin’ off the wall to mix things up so i don’t become too predictable with the straight air dash. an’ that one move where he dives down at an’ angle (don’t know the name…in air, qcb kick) really messed ‘em up. basically i just kept mixin’ it up to keep them off balance. i neglected using 12’s fire ball motion move, just so i can catch them with an ex when they’re tryin’ to dash back an’ get some room. hit 'em every time. thanks for the tips though guys. gotta get better now.

IMO his J.Fierce is killer the distance on that is huge. Making your opponent think twice about jumping in the air. When flying with 12 i know the Japanese players like to fly low to the ground this tactic causes confusion for your opponent. I also feel that parrying with 12 is a huge plus. If you can parry very well you can win with him:D

These are some of thoughts on 12 he can very well be a pain in the ASS. If your going to learn him make sure you understand his game. I use him as a keep away character and not a rushdown character. Parry Parry Parry=wins