SF3:3S - Gandido teaches Ibuki

I just remembered I had an old Ibuki thread for Third Strike, and I would love to open a new one to share any of your wishes. Just ask away and I’ll start posting stuff as soon as I can.


What the hell do you do against Chun li or Elena?

YAY! i luv you Gandido! i vote you for best member:p


I was wondering about her third super. I can’t remember what it’s called right now since I only use the first super, but I was thinking of trying new things out with it so…

Which of Ibuki’s normal attacks can she do her third super after in a combo. Also, do any of these super chains work only if the normal move hits. (Like Chun-Li’s back+Fierce to super.)

I am very glad to see this thread since G has the best Ibuki that i have ever seen, even better than Mr. Lee from what i saw in the B5 DVD, G you are a very kind person to teach scrubs.

   See yaa at the 3on3, i'll like to see in action Team ''We thrust in K.O's Yun" againts yours

One of the best Yun players in Japan uses the nick K.O. I suppose you aren’t one and the same?

    Whatttttttttttttttttttttttt??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? my god........ look i never search this forums, i dont know the japanese players, only the ones in the B5 dvd, and i am not going to change my nick cause my old nick (AJ) was banned by Javi, the Gordo Porsel

And you know what? one of the SNK car’s have your nick, be original please

Hum, I just asked if you were the same person. I couldn’t care less about what nick you use on some internet forum dude, I was just surprised to see another Yun player with this nick. But whatever.

Against Chun-Li, the best you can do is abuse your low forward, at least until she gets some meter. When she gets a super, try your best to bait a low forward so she eats a towards + rh (cat hop kick). If you have to jump in, use j.forward, don’t go for any of her chains unless you want to mess up their parry timing. Sad thing is, Chun can duck Ibuki’s s.jab, so that option is out. Try and throw her a lot too.

Sad to say, I haven’t had much Elena experience. I’ll try and check out for you though :slight_smile:

As for her 3rd super, its easy to combo into. jab strong fierce xx super works, c.short x 2 xx super, jab strong fierce, qcb + rh xx super (cancel the kicks on the second one), towards + forward xx super, towards + forward, c.short xx super. The list keeps going…

I just started Ibuki, and i dont know anyhting about her. can you list some combos and such?

Check Arlieth’s faq at gamefaqs for most of her general knowledge. I’ll make a copy/paste of her normals soon (with citatioon quotes of course Arlieth =P)

lol, i cant believe i didnt see this thread…i made a new thread for no reason,…

What would you do aginst a good turtle Ken player?

which super do you recommend when using her? i tend to stick to her grab super, but trying the air super

You know some one who TURTLES with KEN!!:eek: :eek:

My ken is stricktly RTSD baby!!

Is it just me; or is SAI probably her best super?


Its the one I use…and I do fine.

In a biased opinion, I choose SA II because it’s the one I pick because it suits my playing style the most, but if you want to get technical, SA 1 would be her best. It offers you the same amount of meter as Ken gets in SA III, which offers you a lot of EX moves (ex Kazeiri (dp kick) mixups anyone? =)) as well as plenty of mistake punishing moves (ex Kubi Ori). The thing with having SA II though is, once you get a full meter, it’s like playing against a Hugo that can do standing 720’s. Now, if SA III had ONE more level, it would be her best, I believe… why did they remove Hashin-Sho… =(

If you still want to pick SA II, and want setups, go ahead and ask.

sure man, if its no problem for u gandido

Just wondering, what exactly are ibuki’s best strings to cancel into her command dash?