SF3: 3rd Strike OE - Bad Games Thread

Rage quitters, bad sportsmanship, rage mail, crouch jab mashers, egotistic morons - all exposure goes here.

Haters gonna hate…

oh man is this thread going to fill up quickly

a “SAKURA M0CHI” ragequit on me in ranked


BGs to all those resorting to Gill and then booting me, win or loose, because Hugo was too manly last night!

Crouch jab mashers… Lol

Not sure if this qualifies as bad sportsmanship, but some dude stopped playing and just had his character stand there. This was because I was raping him badly. He continued playing next round, but he ruined the first part by giving up.


MorseSoS (desperate chun, loves wakeup EX SBK)
LordIceman826 (quit at the VS screen… LOL)

File player “o Mystic o” under Poor Sport.

Dude had his headset on and was bitching up a storm because he was getting thrown to death. I was happy to get the match over and done with as he seriously would not shut the fuck up. If you ever see him on Live feel free to blow him up with throws as he’s apparently never heard of throw teching - just do yourself a favor and have your TV on mute.

Mike Swagger kept avoiding me in ranked match while my rank was displayed as ‘21’. Due to a bug with the rank system, this went to 0 after a while. Ironically, he accepted thinking it was a low rank. He lost very convincingly, and sent me the message “f*** you spammer” … I don’t know why people take this rank system seriously, considering how flawed it is.

D0ntTaseM3Br0 aka Allan Caesar on SRK is a no good ragequitting scrub. He was getting absolutely bodied for free. Then this nigga ragequits on me (he does in every fucking game I destroy him in). So, like everytime, I call him out on it and this time he responds.

He says, “Id beat your ass in super sf 4 you fucking kid”

I say, “i destroyed you in that too. and you ragequitted in that game too. you are free. go back to call of duty or level the fuck up you ragequitting scrub”

He comes back with, “do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

I say, “no but I do with your mom. Stay free and get blocked”

Usually, I don’t call people out, but homey deserved it. Allan Caesar, stay free bitch…

How is this thread not 50 pages already? This is twilight zone shit

After I beat D II Respect and his Sean he sent me a message

“WEAK Yang”

I replied back “So???”

Don’t know what possesses people to type those nerdy ass message then actually send them over the internet after taking a loss.

When SSF4 rep-loving sore losers like RASK 86 play 3s, this happens:



bad games to “chaos sphere”

this bum played ran away from me the whole round with akuma air fireballs. i think i might have played him before and he just jumped around with oro the whole round.


Why would you? Just because you are a scrub that hates on keep away and can’t beat it doesnt mean everyone else is.

i don’t have any problems taking a loss. but when thats all someone does the WHOLE round is run from you… the way you were playing akuma and oro was disgusting. if im a scrub for saying something about it then o well.

if thats what someone needs to win,then their game is lacking something and they need to reivaluate

If you think someone needs to reevaluate their game plan when they win just because YOU didn’t like hoe they did it, then you need to check yourself.

This is the definition of the scrub mentality.

Unless its Necro, I dont even see how you can lose to pure Keepaway in 3S. Youll get on even Remy eventually.

Man, have I seen my fair share of rage-mail/rage-quitters. I admit, I’m not a great Third Strike player. But I do give it my all… Usually…
I don’t get chance to play the game at decent times, I’m often tired and reliant upon cans of Monster to keep me fueled as I have a pretty busy day schedule.
As for “lefty lizard”, if you lost to a simple “keep away/hado spam” then not only does it prove your inadequacy, as you can’t defend proficiently against a simple hado barrage. It also proves to me, that you must be a pretty bad player for me to resort to such a boring tactic. My play style differs per player, I fight skilled players in the obvious manner, and I play noobs that can’t parry for shit against hado’s.
Anyway, you must have been pretty salty to voice your feelings about me on here… :wink: