SF2HF questions on throws

ok, i got a few questions on throws in SF2 HF.

  1. you can counter throws with dps right?
    -if so how big my window of opportunity?
  2. how do you counter throws with characters who have no dp, or an anti air that comes out fast enough? Let’s say with boxer and guile.

I’d suggest asking in the HF thread. http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=113811

But anyway,

  1. Yes, you can. I’m not 100% sure on this since I play as Chun in HF. But I hear people say that you should “piano” the punch buttons to increase the chance out getting the DP out in time.
  2. Say if they’ve thrown an attack and you’ve blocked it and they go for the tick throw, just recover quickly and throw them first.

Here’s how throws work in all the sf2 games.

  1. there are 0 frames
  2. throw victim must be in neutral to be grabbed.

so to answer your questions:

  1. yes you can counter throws with dps. DPs are invincible on startup. If you dp you wil be invincible. A good tick however will leave you only 1 frame to dp. Since throws can only be executed as early as the first neutral frame, must reversal good ticks by going directly from blockstun animation (throw invincible) into dp (throw invincible).

Your window of opportunity is at worst 1 frame. A poor tick or sloppy opponent may provide extra time for you to dp.

  1. Reversal throw will reversal provided you’re in range. If you’re not you’ll get a fierce and get thrown. Know your throw range.
    Throw invincible moves (usually instantly off the ground or initially invincible) like blanka ball will work. boxer tap in HF should work since it’s invincible first frame, but really he should go for the grab himself. Guile’s flashkick will work. Guile can flashkick throws 100%.

cool, thanks for the info guys.

The thing is with guile, i find it hard to flash kick especially when they try to attack me on wake up because I have to block high, so there goes my charge for my flash kick. I know that there are some strange properties regarding charging in the sf2 games, is there some trick I don’t know about?

Yep, that’s a weakness of a charge invincible move. They can safe jump initially and then go for a walk-in tick from the jump-in, which are the hardest ticks to reversal throw.

if he’s safe jumping on you, you’re pretty fucked. You either need to risk a flashkick and hope he has poor execution and anti air his safejump, or try and jump out of the throw (which actually won’t work on the perfect tick) and take a s.fierce instead. If you know your grab range you can try reversing with your own grab. But a lot of characters will just beast you with grab range. Guile’s range is rather poor.

Depends on how on point your opponent is. If he’s perfect you’re dead.

Well you can always reversal throw after blocking the safe jump presuming your opponent’s throw doesnt outrange yours. It is hard, though.

You can also just crouch block, take the damage from the jump-in and then reversal flash kick their throw attempt. Obviously if your opponent knows you’re going to do that they can combo you, but it’s still an option. This also has the benefit of crouching hit stun being longer (I think?), so you could throw off your opponent’s tick timing.

Cool guys, thanks for the info.

Is throwing generally soft banned against characters who cannot counter throws throug hthe way polarity showed me? When playing against more experienced players, they tend not to abuse character’s like guile’s inability to counter throws. Maybe it’s just me.