SF2 Tournaments

To help grow the SF2 competitive community, I thought it’d be cool if there were a single simple place to look at to find all of the upcoming tournaments. So, here’s that thread. Feel free to post up any tournament or gathering you hear about for any SF2 game (HDR, ST, HF, Rainbow Ed, whatever) here. I’ll try to keep this first post edited so that it’s simple to see what’s going on.

Ongoing Events

Wednesday Night Fights
Date: Every Wednesday
Location: Los Angeles (Inglewood), CA
Games: HDR
Platform: XBOX 360
Main Thread: http://shoryuken.com/f24/level|up-presents-wednesday-night-fights-@-hollywood-park-casino-244758/
HDR Thread: http://shoryuken.com/f280/wednesday-night-fights-hdr-weekly-tournament-stream-245884/
Stream: Level|Up Live on USTREAM: Level|Up Live. Gaming Entertainment

Denjin HDR Ranbats
Date: Every other Saturday (Starting Aug 14th)
Location: Los Angeles (Simi Valley), CA
Games: HDR
Platform: XBOX 360
Thread: http://shoryuken.com/f7/hdremix-ranbats-3-1-8-14-denjin-arcade-246283/

Long Beach Meet and Beat
Date: Saturdays
Location: Long Beach, CA
Games: HDR
Platform: XBOX 360
Thread: http://shoryuken.com/f24/long-beach-meet-beat-saturdays-1p-8p-ssf4-mvc2-hdr-casuals-tourneys-246652/


Til The Brackets Drop!
Date: Sep 25~26
Location: Herndon, VA
Games: HDR
Platform: PS3
Thread: Til The Brackets Drop! VA Major 9/25-9/26 feat. AH3!! (Herndon,Va) $1000 in bonuses

Arcade in a Box SSF4/HDR
Date: Sep 25
Location: Tucson, AZ
Games: HDR
Platform: XBox
Thread: http://shoryuken.com/f7/arcade-box-ssf4-hd-remix-feat-ea-megaman-sweetjonnyv-09-25-10-tucson-az-248009/

Souper Bowl Round IV (Sep)
Date: Sunday Sept 26
Location: Lowell, Massachussetts
Games: HDR
Platform: PS3
Thread: Massachusetts - Souper Bowl Monthly Tournament Round IV - 09/26/2010

Season’s Beatings: Redemption**
Date: October Fri 15 - Sun 17
Location: Columbus, Ohio, United States
Platform: Arcade ST, Xbox360 HDR
Games: ST, HDR
Link: Season’s Beatings: Redemption - Daigo, Momochi, Choco - Oct. 15-17, Columbus, OH

Souther California Regionals
Date: November 5~7
Location: Los Angeles (Inglewood), CA
Games: HDR
Platform: XBox?
Stream: Level|Up Live on USTREAM: Level|Up Live. Gaming Entertainment
Thread: http://shoryuken.com/f7/southern-california-regionals-october-29-31-2010-halloween-weekend-247261/

** Neo Kumite #1**
Date: Sunday, November 14
Location: Toulouse, France
Platform: Arcade, 4 Versus City cabinets (!)
Games: ST
Links: NEO-ARCADIA KUMITE #1 - EUROPEAN STREET FIGHTER TOURNAMENT (official website, under construction) Neo Arcadia KUMITE #1 - 13-14th Nov, Toulouse, France - Neo Empire Forum

**Northeast Championship XI (NECXI) **
Date: December 4-5
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Games: ST and HDR
Platform: Arcade, PS3

OMG… that is SWEET, Johnny V. Thanks for making the thread.

I’m pretty positive that Norcal Regionals will have HDR in it since Choiboy is running it.


But we’ll just wait and see when it gets updated. Super NCR will happen Memorial Day weekend.

**Stunfest **
Date: May 22-23
Location: Rennes, France
Games: ST, HDR
Platform: Arcade (ST) PS3 (360)
Thread: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=226856
Website (to register and further info): http://stunfest.3hitcombo.fr/


Nice. This thread seriously needs a sticky. Now, if only we could get the Playstation HDR guys to actually pay attention to this thread…yea, I said it ,’)

Haha… that’s the truth. Seriously, I’ve been slowly migrating them over. There is a whole new set of talent coming into the scene. Too many to name at the moment.

Hell yeah lets play some HDR. I need to play this more myself.

co-sign on a sticky thread

Nice SweetJV. Triple signed on the sticky. Actually, might as well sticky this to the ST forums, HF, every SF2 thread everywhere. = J

I agree. :tup:

I’m personally hitting up MM2, MWC, PowerUp and Evo… which reminds me… add PowerUp! There will be singles and 3v3!


Note: MWC is an Evo qualifier as well, if you wanna add that.

I also vote for cross-posted stickies :wink:

^ Thanks. Done and done. I’m confused about the platform used for PowerUp though. In the thread it says: *Only PS3s will be used where applicable. *Not sure if that means they’re using PS3 only for games that are PS3 exclusive or that they’re using PS3 for all games. I put down PS3 since I didn’t see XBox mentioned, but let me know if that’s not the case.

I’m pretty sure it means ‘if a game is available for PS3, it will be run on PS3, regardless of any other platform it may be available for’. So anything that’s not Nintendo or on a previous-gen console = PS3.

LOL, since I’ve gotten a PS3 I’ve gotten to know some of the PS3 guys and I think I’ve gotten at least a couple of the guys in my area to start coming out. No big names, but every extra new player helps.

Great idea on this thread SJV (NEEDS to be stickied)!

P.S. DGV - Hope you guys make it all the way out here for Season’s Beatings again this year (I think the wifey will let me go again, LOL). Also hope you and Damdai are not in my bracket, LOL.

M.A.T. 7 (Montreal Annual Tournament)
Date: June 4-5
Location: Montreal, Qubec, Canada
Games: HDR (teams and singles)
Platform: Xbox
Thread: http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=231187

It’s about a 7 hour drive from NYC, we need more US entrants!

Fucking nominated. Awesome work man - suddenly HDR feels alive again, not to mention all the new people I’ve seen lately with the price drop/view on the dashboard.

Would a player location database be in order? If we all put our locations down, it’d possibly help folks find each other a little easier and possibly carpool/etc. Just a thought.

Something like that could be cool. I’m not sure what the best way to handle it is though. There are the regional matchmaking sub-forums on SRK. Creating a SF2 thread in each of those would be one way to go. Another way could be to do a single aggregated post, like this one. Though I worry that could get really long. A fancy way to do it would be to make a web-app that has a map where you could easily see players location, and search for players in your location and such. I could probably make something like that, but it’d take some work. Also, if it’s somewhere off of SRK, it could get easily lost or overlooked.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

I agree, that would be so nice to have a player database but it’d be a lot of work with ongoing maintenance. If a handful of people had the rights to edit the thread, that would be great. There’s also players who come and go, I mean I think everyone has had a hand on SF2 but the question is, who are the casual SF2 players versus the competitive ones?

We can start using the current regional categories, and throw names under there:

Atlantic North
Atlantic South
Pacific North
Pacific South

Sorry to hijack this thread but SweetJV or whoever: where does everyone play out in SoCal? I know Denjin held ranbats but are they still doing that? I tried searching but no luck

best thread i’ve seen today, maybe even all month so far :smile: