SF2 AE at evo 2008

Inkblot: Will hyper street fighter 2 ever return to evo? Its sad that its only popular in Japan arcades, not here assuming that the reason is because of people complaining about CE Guile and CE bison, now thats a stupid reason for evo not to have it

not only that, but vega is totally screwed up on console as well. which isnt a problem in arcade AE.

And ST is still the game of choice in japan. and we dont do things just cuz japan does it. believe it or not, some of us are not japan nuthuggers that have to copy everything they do =)


he is ok in the jap version

too bad we arent using the jap version. as it causes problems for the evo staff when it comes to resources. and iirc, jap AE is a pain in the ass to button config.

SF2 AE is garbage anyway. Why play that when we have STHD coming aka best game of the century!

Vega is ok in the updated Japanese version. I think nohoho can chime in, but there is a secondary Hyper SF2 AE that came out that updated some of the glitches and mess, and the original one may have had the same issues.

Honestly, the game is a mess, and this coming from an OG player that likes to play the game, but in all seriousness too many random people can get lucky and win with CE characters.

battosai just wants his CE guile madness.

Yep, so I don’t have a hard time zoning buktooth’s chun like I did with old guile.

Just out of curiosity, does anyone genuinely prefer AE as their favourite SF2?

i like it but its my third fav ST>HF>AE

AE sucks monkey balls compared to ST/2X

if AE was used, you’d might as well call it pick your CE/HF guy to steal the win against ST guy tournament

We can host a side tournament where the prize breakdown is 70/20/10 and have Akuma be playable this time since Akuma is toned down in AE compared to other characters in the game…

I got the jap version and nobody for the AE tournament had any trouble with their arcade sticks, etc.

Yeah sounds good, I am just never going to pick old guile against Buktooths chun again,(he probably has the best chun in the U.S. imo, from the years I played him)
I’ll have to switch to new guile then on ST against chun.

Jion-let me know when you are visiting north cali, we can set up some matches.

jion: yes i know, i said the re-release jap version fixes the problems, i dont understand what you are trying to tell me?

probably responding to this

haha oh yeah, forgot i said that. yeah i dont remember if it was that game that had all jap language button configs. if it does, its only easy for peole who have sticks/pads that conform to the default.

AE is not that bad of a game seriously, and yes, when AE came out, there was a huge outcry of the CE characters “Blah, Blah CE. Bison, CE. Guile, CE. Ryu, CE. Sagat is too good, wah, wah, wah”. If you really look at AE, there are very strong characters from each respective series, the only two that slightly loses out are the Super and WW Characters.

CE/HF/ST have very playable characters, and do agree that “had” this game of gotten more play, more characters within the CE section would’ve been the best naming CE Ryu, Guile, Bison and Sagat here, however how many SF games do we play today that doesn’t have a strong Top Tier standing?

ST. Rog, Sim, Bison and Chunli are still very strong and very good in AE, then you still have other characters like HF. Ken, Blanka, and Zangief whom are still very strong and playable as well.

However, this game didn’t get alot of love, but oh well, and side tournaments are the only best bet here for AE.

Best Chun Li in U.S. is probably NKI.

DreamTR is pretty good too.

Who else plays Chun? LOL.

I want to play AE again about as much as I want a family of gay male polar bears to rape my asshole while Frosty the Snowman shits on my face. That game sucks.