SF2 15th Anniversary Joystick: Specific Questions Regarding Possible Mods

Hi!! :slight_smile: Thanks for reading! I’ve not modded a joystick before, so if my question’s dumb, don’t get pissed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I recently got one of these and am finding that the range of detection for diagonals is a little too limited for me (just a few more degrees would be perfect.) Is there any adjustment I can make to the existing joystick springs to get a slightly wider range of detection on diagonals, or would my only option be to buy an entirely new joystick mechanism and replace it within the panel’s housing? If the latter is my only option, do you have any links to some guides or pics about modding this particular panel?

Thanks, bye!

:u: http://arcadestickmonk.com/SFACmod.html

we await your return, shoo!

The possibilities are endless. Check out the link str[e]ak provided. I love my SFAC sticks, and I haven’t even gotten around to mod’ing them. I kind of want to convert one to an XBox 360 stick.

…I kind of want to hire someone to do it for me.

It’s possible to change the artwork on the stick without having to make a new plexiglass cover, yeah?

Yup. It’ll come off rather easily, in fact. You can check out a guide to be on the safe side, but it’s really easy.

Thanks vynce!

Also, is it worth it at all to put Japanese parts into a SFAC or should I just stick to my HFS2?

That’s really a matter of preference. I’m a Happ man, but that’s largely because I once owned a Neo cab. If I mod my sticks, I’ll be putting Happ parts in.

if i remember correctly, someone had put japanese parts into his SFAC stick, but it wasn’t an easy task.

You would most likely need to make the button holes bigger, so you would have to drill through wood AND the plexi/lexan whatever material it is. Definitely not something for beginners to do…unless you have a lot of spare plexi/lexan lying around.

here’s mine from a while back

Due to it’s size however, I switch the stick to a Happ Stick as it felt way better for this box.

This might be a stupid question, but is it a lot harder to switch the SFAC’s stick for a Sanwa/Seimitsu instead of a happ?