SF1 Mike vs SF2 Balrog

I’m not sure which subforum this thread belongs in, but i want to know the connection between Mike in Street Fighter 1 and Balrog in Street Fighter 2. Are they the same character? Are they related?

Obviously they look similar and they’re both boxers, so it would be very easy to say that SF1 Mike is simply Balrog right before he joined Shadaloo. But it could also be that they’re completely independent characters whose designs both happen to be based on Mike Tyson.

After reading [media=youtube]mBP9SjV7bys[/media] people have been posting on u2b, i’m starting to think that even Capcom isn’t sure.

So … what’s the deal?

From a FAQ on the storyline of SF:


Height: 196 cm
Weight: 103 kg
SF1 action: left hook
Represents: America.
SF1-era nickname: “Killer Boxer with Godly Fists”

Street Fighter 1: Mike is the former heavyweight boxing champion. He got
kicked out of boxing because he killed someone in the ring. He now
participates in the Street Fighter 1 tournament in order to make some money
for a living, and to help his hospitalized little sister. [Official]

Where he is now: Contrary to what videogames.com stated, Capcom has never
remotely given any indication of what happened to Mike (sorta like how they
didn’t really give much definitive info about where Geki is). Got
knocked out by Joe possibly.

Miscellaneous Facts and Notes

Is Mike M. Bison?  No.  Mike was once a champion class boxer. Bison

continually aspired to become champion but never did. Also, Mike disappeared
from the boxing world after killing an opponent. Bison permanently injured
opponents but has only been known to have killed Kodal’s father (Kodal’s the
elephant Dhalsim rides in his SF2 ending).

Mike and Joe are rumored to be the fighters at the intros of SF2, SF2

Dash, and SF2 Dash Turbo, from Cap!#13 and the SF2 Gamest pre-mook. Rumored
because CJ has clarified neither that they are nor that they aren’t.

Taken from here: http://fightingstreet.com/folders/variousinfofolder/variousinfopages/streetfighterplotguide.txt

Thanks for the info sir. How reliable is it though? Some of those u2b comments were suggesting that Capcom has given out conflicting information about Mike being Balrog.

Wait, Balrog was never champion? How is that even possible? Doesn’t he say stuff like “I am the champ!” in win quotes and such? Capcom’s storylines are so ghetto sometimes.

Well, I think win quotes are just gloating over the match itself, not the entire storyline of SF.

I do not know where the FAQ gets the inference that Rog never won the title, as that is never mentioned. But however, it never mention he does, just that he aspires to be the best boxer in the world, despite being barred from professional boxing. So one can infer from that that he never won the title.

“His full name is Mike Bison in Japan. Mike from SF1 is his design
prototype, but they’re two different characters.”

Source is the same: http://fightingstreet.com/folders/variousinfofolder/variousinfopages/streetfighterplotguide.txt

Mike = Mike Tyson
M. Bison = Mike Tyson
by the transitive law
Mike = Balrog