SF X TEKKEN Online Tournament-Prize $100 Gamestop Card!

Will be holding an online tournament and will stream every match live @ www.twitch.tv/ademusxp7

First 20 people to message me or add me on XBL(GT-Ademus XP7) will be added to the brackets

Anyone can join!

No Gems
Matches Will be 1 vs 1
DLC Characters are allowed
2 Sets-Best of 3, round set 3 timer 99(hopefully tuesday patch will prevent time wins)
If matches get cancelled cause of connection we ll leave off from previous match
No S@#t Talking
No Trolling
Lobbies will be set 1 v 1 and ill be monitoring all matches

Once i get all 20 contestants entries the tournament will start that upcoming weekend or on the upcoming Saturday and Sunday at 12pm EST

if you cant make it youll be replaced or forfeit

Losers will be sent to the losers bracket they dont go home lol

There will be losers brackets as well, winner of losers get a $25 gamestop card


Friend request sent =]

What time of day would this be starting and will this be a Sunday or Saturday? Even without the exact dates, that bit of info can still help people try clear out something on their calendars.

I’m in what is your gamertag?

Ademus XP7 and once I get all 24 entries I’ll announce a date but it’s going to be on a Weekend for sure

Friend request sent thank you :slight_smile:

Red vega I can’t add u for some reason add me

August is kinda’ crowded for me right now. I’ll err on the side of caution and not enter for now, but I’ll keep an eye on it and would love to watch it on-stream. :slight_smile:

yeah no problem u can still add me on xbl just in case =) i have almost 12 ppl already

Count me in man i’ll send you a FR! GT is Deadman lnk just for the heads up.

you mean it doesnt allow you to accept my fr?

Um no I haven’t even received it

you already added me today. considered me signed up. I’m Purple Eye Girl the ken lili player.
If the event isn’t on a saturday i’m up for it. I’ve got a monthly to go to on that day [aug 4th].

Um well it’ll probably be an all day thing I wanted to start it in Friday but I work…so hmm…what if u play at night??

Can u add me to the tourney xbl is king d599

No problem