SF Ultimate Edition E.Ryu Cover?

Hey guys, just saw this on amazon.com(out of stock, dammit)

was wondering for any info on it, as far as I knew there was a Ryu cover and a Akuma/Gouki cover(for the hardcover edition) but didn’t know shit about an E.Ryu cover, can’t find any other site with it either.

That looks amazing. I wonder if the kanji is shown on his back for the backcover.

Does this issue give the origin of dark hadou?If any of you know let me know

I’d really like to know that myself Psquall, as I haven’t heard anything about this variant edition but it seems official according to the reviews. I’m gonna put out calls to my comic stores tomorrow to see if I can track it down, as I’ve had an order out at borders for the hardcover edition for over 3 weeks now, >_<

someone edited it i believe, as far as I know, thers no evil ryu one…

i could be wrong.

meh i got the limited edition one with akuma instead