SF TE Fight Stick Custom art (WORK IN PROGRESS)

already posted in the tech talk forum by mistake…
put alot of time and hard work into making this!
if you have any helpful or positive tips it would be much appreciated!

looks good so far

It looks too busy.

If you are going to use all those images I would make the background more simple; like a solid color. Like NeoBlood said I think its too busy.

sweet man design is tight as fuck but i agree there is 2 much going on in the background, i think those black and white pieces would look better on a dark colour!
but who am i to critisise really nice work all the same


i like it. would like to see more work from you

this looks great. only gripe would be that the text is kinda hard to read. i think a stronger, darker color, or maybe just straight up black or white would work best. otherwise great job with the rest of the composition.


an updated version cus my homeboy didnt want the command inputs! so it looks less busy now hopefully! keep in mind the text looks clearer on the original size of the picture this is about 40% of its actual size

I like it. I would be skarred!

I like it except for the Ryu on the top right. That doesn’t go well with the rest IMO…but then…its just my opinion.

dude do what u want these guys are haters!

No, people are giving him constructive criticism. People like you who call anyone trying to help anyone else out HATERS are fucking retards.

That aside, I like the second revision more.

Sprites feel tacked on…

IMO, try it with a gradient red to darkred background, drop the sprites and you’d have something really eye pleasing.

looks real tight. i would love to see a sagat one like that.

I think Ryu should be mirrored and be more to the left. His Hadouken could be right on the LP button which would look nice. I’m not sure how much of his face would be obstructed by the stick though. The right side is way to busy though. The upper right thing with the drop shadow should probably be replaced and you also have a couple different styles going.

You have the ink blots/text which I like but the bottom right guys have altogether different black line work going on. If you replaced the black outlines with inkblots it would probably be a little smoother.

The sun looking dealies on the left look out of place aswell.

Otherwise it’s okay and good luck with the rest.

This looks nice. But I do agree with JasonLee that Ryu should be mirrored. Also I think you could do without the 2 ryus at the bottom right. Keep it up, you’ll end up with something great.

The most interesting parts of this piece are the 3 Ryus. The two on the bottom need way more exposure. I agree the Hadouken Ryu needs to be pushed to the left; it would be kinda awesome if you lined up his hands to the stick. If you have to have the sprites, you could slap them into the buttons if you had some transparent ones. Other than that I wouldn’t add them, they feel really out of place.

its to busy ;S

I would like it a lot more without all the red. kinda looks like a crayon to me

i like it