SF Shoes?

me + free time + converse website =


I bet there are people out there who could do a much better job matching the shoes to the characters than I did, but it was bit of fun trying.

I’ll also apologize if this doesn’t really belong here~

I’d imagine Balrog’s shoes would render your feet unable to kick.

Anyways I’d buy his, Akuma’s, Honda’s, and T. Hawk’s in an instant.

I’d wear the Akuma, Fei, and Gief shoes.

sf chucks :cool:

i’d rock hondas, dhalsims, and fei long.

Oh shit… those Rog shoes are amazing.

me and my buddies always talked about how fei long had the white and black patent leather jordan 11’s.

perfect pic right here http://elmundotech.files.wordpress.com/2008/11/fei-long_002_bmp_jpgcopy.jpg

balrog set is sick

Akuma, Fei Long and Balrog shoes FTW.

Good stuff, man.

I’d rock those Kung Fu Fei Long shoes in a heartbeat.

Wouldn’t suit me but the Balrog ones look awesome!

Did anyone else think of Ronald McDonald with the Ken ones? Also I’m digging the Chun li ones.

Ken? :confused:

Damn missed all the other because I hadn’t sretched out my browser :lol:

I’d by the Ryu and the chun li ones

Boo to custom chucks until they let you mess with the logo too! ;p


I’d rock the Fei’s or Ryu’s.

I guess it would be too obvious to do Sakura’s all red chucks?


0:02-0:06 needs to be put in an avatar, ASAP. Too good. Good link, PS.