Sf rpg?

Okay…i just got really bored while in the middle of some writers block for my story Saikyo and i thought…why not try a street fighter rpg?

Anyone interested can sign up right here…just…ah…well…if anyone is actually interested i’ll create my own character and make a storyline. But heres a sign up sheet for ya.




Fighting style: (can be real or made up. if made up plz discribe)

Special attacks: (max of five)

Physical description:



Yes you can play real or created characters…and now that i have this up…alright i admit this idea is rather :lame:

Name: Sagara Sanosuke

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Fighting Style: Street Fighter, fights with his fists, mostly dodges attacks instead of blocking, but has mastered the Futae No Kiwami Block.

Special Attacks: Futae No Kiwami (Powerful blow that turns Racks to Dust), Futae No Kiwami Block mentioned earlier, Wind Slicing (TV Anime Kenshin Amakusa Arc), Elbow Futae No Kiwami (Last TV Anime Yutaru Arc), Rapid Punches(Sano in the Manga and Anime.)

Clothes: Dressed like a Yakuza with a red headband and the Kanji for Aku (Wicked, Evil) on his back.

Bio: He’s from Rurouni Kenshin. The most bad ass Anime/Manga character ever. He doesn’t work, freeloads, likes drinking, women, gambling, fighting, on one of the CDs where the entire cast sings he’s the only one who raps, he hates the police, hates the government, and if you don’t think he’s the most bad ass Anime/Manga character ever, at the end of the Manga he was chased out of Japan because he walked into a Government Official’s office and kicked his ass. NOW THAT’S GANGSTA!

(ah cool a sanosuke fan. Yeah he’s right up there with vash and a few others in my book)

Name: Gosai Matsuhito

Age: 16

Gender: male

Fighting Style: Matsuhito-Ryu (a family style taught to him by his grandfather)

Special Attacks: Gouzen Shishi Ken(roaring lion fist. OFten shortened to ‘shishiken’ charges his fist with Ki, can be used for a blast or a punch), Orochi (punches with speed equal to E. Honda’s hundred hand slap, so it seems he is attacking with 8 arms just as the orochi of legend has 8 heads), Bakusai Tenketsu (breaking point. Sometimes it isnt how hard you hit but where you hit. a generic term for when he uses a shiatsu/pressure point attack. Not as dangerous as the Dim Mak (death touch)

Clothes: often dresses in various martial arts gi’s.

Bio: Gosai’s past is a checkered one. He is a champion level martial artist, and has read Edmond Honda’s ‘Sumo: way of the warrior’ book multiple times. He hsa also read bruce lee’s ‘tao of jeet kune do’. It seems his only interests are martial arts and girls. He recently entered a tournament Karin kanzuki held in order to prove herself a better fighter then Sakura. Gosai entered as well and defeated Karin fighting to a narrow victory against sakura. He has begun training even harder intent on traveling to america to challange Ken Masters.
His skills have brought him to the attention of another however…with more sinister ideas for them.

(as for a plot…well…consider this generic street fighter i.e shadowlaw is around, Bison is alive, but you can use any street fighter character from any game regardless of current status…Since this is basically gonna be a combination of all the games…sorta…yeah…shoulda put more thought into it butreally this is just a way to pass time anyhow)

Name: Ace Blackman

Age: 16

Gender: male

Fighting Style: Street fighting

Special Attacks:
Phoenix shot- A technique similar to Urien’s projectile. The only difference is that it consists of fire rather than the dark energy and lightning that Urien has.
Talon claw- A diving over head hook
Shoryuken, Tatsumaki senpuu kyaku

Phoenix cannon- The SA version of phoenix shot
Phoenix rush- A voilent, fiery take down beating

Physical Description: Long, curly black hair, light-dark skin color, Red eyes

Clothes: Always wears a black Jacket, Red T-shirt, Jeans and red converse sneakers.

He is very immature, Hedonistic, and arrogant. He really fights because he’s easily aggravated. In the fifth grade, He was always coming home bleeding. But one day, He decided that that enough was enough. That he’d suffer no more. An older street punk had decided to target him. Ace had gathered the negative energy within and unleashed it upon him. Eversince he had murdered the ruffian and got away with it, He decided to study the martial arts to enhance this power and use it to show his enemies that messing with him would be fatal. But meeting a lady named Azshara triggered emotions that made him feel guilty for every person he ever hurt or maimed. When he realized that she was repulsed by his childish attitudes towards bodily harm, His heart screamed for redemption.

Name : Raida

Age : 19

Gender : Male

Fighting Style : EX Style, a mix of various different forms of combat
thrown together with his own personal touch.

Special Attacks : Hadou Storm, Sonic Slash, MAX Shoryuken, Raikosho,
Raida Special

Physical Description : Well built, long dark brown hair and piercing green eyes.

Clothes : A mix between Iori Yagami and Kyo Kusenagi from KOF.

Bio : This young man has watched the SF’s from all their previous
tournaments, and has met with them. Upon seeing their displays of
power he trained long and hard to not just copy it, but make them
his own. His potential of power fascinated them, allowing them to
show him his strength, as he intended. It was then that he encountered
Gouki, and saw him face an opponent of equal strength. Seeing their
techniques and their power, he trains harder than ever. But another
has appeared, one more powerful than them…and his name is Gill.
Fascinated, he sets off to go find this man.

Alright! others have signed up so then since we have enough now we can begin and…ah whoever else wants to join in may as long as they fill out the shee to heh…hrmmm…guess i’ll open us up.

Gosai was sweating slightly as he continued his training. He had taken a trip far from tokyo in order to improve and now found himself in a forest that was relatively close to the city. “Shishiken!” He yelled slamming his fist full force into a tree watching it break apart as he did so, turning around quickly he spun a roundhouse kick into another nearby tree creating cracks in its trunk before settling into a rythum of attacks on that tree, after nearly fifteen minutes he stopped and looked around. “man…trashing nature like this isnt gonna do it…i need to find a good rival…that should help.” With that thought he decided to relax a little and started in on a set of complex katas

Raida walks along the busy streets of Japan, looking for some good
strong competition. The man who comes to mind is Ryu, a man he met
not too long ago. They both were impressed with their skills, and
now that it’s been a year, he wonders how much Ryu has improved.

“I wonder how much stronger you are Ryu? Can’t wait to find out.”

Suddenly he hears a fight break out in an alley. He runs over to the alley to see a woman protecting a kid getting beat on by a large man.

“I suggest you stop right now.”


“Leave them alone. Or else I’m going to break you.”

“You little punk!”

The man rushed at Raida, who simply tilted his head, as the man’s punch
missed his head. Raida glared at the man, and with a 2 strong kicks, he
broke the man’s arm and leg on his right side. The man collapsed under
the pain. Raida picks up the purse an gives it back to the woman.

“You two should leave and get your wounds treated.”

The grateful parent and child leave.

“Not bad…you’re still as strong as ever.”


Raida turns around to see Sakura.

Meanwhile one of the trees Gosai knocked down with a powerful kick rolled down a hill, landed on Sagara Sanosuke’s long house and destroyed it. Sanosuke leaped up to wear Gosai was at with a high fifty foot Anime style jump.

Sanosuke: Hey man! What the Hell is wrong with you! You destroyed my house!

Gosai: Sorry, I was just training, but I guess destroying nature is not the way.

Sanosuke: Yeah, I realized that when I was training myself before meeting Anji, I was destroying trees just like you… Hey punk! Don’t try to change the subject!

Gosai: Oh, I wasn’t trying to cop out or…

Sanosuke: WHAT! You’re a cop!!! A stinking Government Dog! You think just 'cuz you guys got a badge you can do whatever the Hell you want? That does it!

  • And their epic battle begins.

Sakura : I see you still fight a little too mercilessly…
Raida : Old habits die hard. Besides, I always went easy on you.
Sakura : Hey! You said that you’d always fight me at your best!
Raida : Chuckles I’m kidding. (Not really.)
Sakura : So what’re you doing in Japan?
Raida : I’m looking to see if anyone has any info on a man named "Gill."
Sakura : "Gill?"
Raida : Rumor has it that he’s the strongest man in the world. I want to
see if that’s true.
Sakura : All work and no play…
Raida : Pardon?
Sakura : I like fighting too ya know!
Raida : Sorry, but I’m tackling this one alone.
Sakura : I’ll fight you! If I win, you have to take me with you!
Raida : And if I win?
Sakura : You take me out for lunch!
Raida : …
Sakura : Something wrong?
Raida : Sigh I see you haven’t changed much either…
Sakura Giggles Nope! Now c’mon, let me see what you’ve got!
Raida : This shouldn’t last long.

Raida & Sakura begin their match.

(if ya want i can handle sakura for ya or if ya wanna just write it out on ur own)

Gosai: the hells wrong with ya? I am NOT a cop. But if its a fight ya want…lets start this one with a bang…literally…SHISHIKEN!

Isn’t Gosai somewhere else though? Because Sakura and
Raida are in the city. I don’t think Gosai is anywhere
near them right now. Besides, Gosai has got Sanosuke to
worry about.

(yeah i was saying i could do sakura for the battle for ya. that reply was for sanosuke though)

Nah, I’ll do it myself thanks.

( I was thinking about a way to link both stories as in having soemone for the Raida Story crash land in the middle of Sanosuke and Gosai’s fight saying the person who tossed them there was too strong, but I felt I’d be interupting the flow of that story when with Sanosuke, Gosai can feel free to kick his butt and move on, don’t worry about it! Everyone here knows I ain’t the best writer, you can check my X-Men vs. SF Fic on this page for proof! :rofl: But I’ll be sure to throw some counter moves and drag the fight on a bit when I can, feel free to start pounding on Sanosuke without me! :smile: )

Ace walked the crowded streets of New York. Like his howmtown of Toronto, These streets were crowded with punks, crooks, and pimps. However, The punks of New York were into organized crime rather than showing off. He really didn’t belong here. He noticed a couple of gangsters rushing at him.

“Hey kid,” One of them said. “Gimmie your money… I promise I won’t knife ya too much!”

Ace just gave the punks a hard stare.

“Boys,” One of them said. “Looks like this guy’d rather kill himself!”

“Damn straight…” He said, looking pretty pissed.

The punks tried to rob him. He leaped over one of them and punched his spine. The poor victim’s vertabrae shattered on impact. The next 3 were ready to take him on. He slid beneath the second victim. Just as the punk reacted, closing his legs, Ace lifted him and served him a closeline. The last two standing tried to rush him at once. His red eyes began to glow.

“Quit playin’ around and get serious!” He taunted impatiently.

He then struck one of them in the face. The punk fell to the floor with his entire face shattered and bleeding. The last punk stanging grabbed him by the neck. The only reaction he gave was a hard glare.

<<Metsu Shoryuken>>
This was taught to him by his sensei, who happened to be one of the only three students of Ryu. He uppercutted the opponent the first time. The poor, misguided underling bled at the mouth. He punched a second time. Blood continued to run. This time even faster. He then pulled off a shoryuken, Leaving a mark upside his face.

“What have I done…” He said feeling slightly shocked.

The punks who recieved the chokeslam got back up for Ace’s next beating. He punched him in a speeding flurry. Ace easily parried every one of them. The punk then launched his fist at him. He dodged up behind him.

“You guys shouldn’t be trying to rob people!” He said.

He then kicked his assailant right in the chest. There was no getting up for a long while for the punk. Ace put almost nothing into it. He then realized that an entire army of thugs were watching him. With looks of bloodlust, They went in for Ace.

“Will this ever end?” He whined with a shrug.

He managed to take on all the thugs before he was finally attacked by a really wierd looking jamaican breakdancer or what ever. He looked at him more carefully. He looked more like a kickboxer.

“Kid, Yo tink ya can backle meh?” He said. “Deh call meh Deejay!”

“You’re going down!” Ace replied.

Name: Billy

Age: 8

Gender: Little boy

Fighting style: Kyokugen/Sinanju/Shotokan

Special attacks: Teleport punch, Psycho Driver

Physical description: a little boy stands before you, he is about four feet tall. Has a determined look on his face.

Clothes: striped shirt shorts and hiking boots

Bio: he is a little boym both his parents died in a car crash when he was little & he was taken in by Joel Grey & Ryo & Gen bcuz this was when they were all young (except Ryo was billy’s age) and living in an apartment as roommattes

Billy was up on the roof of the apartment building. Fixing joel’s antenna. When he saw eht fight going on. In the street there was two men. One was Dee Jay. The other was a man billy didnt know. Staring eachother down. Around them were many thugs. All knocked out and bleeding. Who could have done this he htought. Deejays thugs were tough. Billy fought with them on the playground a lot. Enough of this he yells. Jumping off the fire escape and into a tree. Suddenly he appears in Deejay’s blind spot and jacks him in the face. I dont know who you are but Ill help you he says to the mysterious man.

((sry nobody replied after my bio so if u don’t like this post delete it or sumthin kkthx))

((Ask Gosai about your profile… However, You profile reminds me of one of my characters I once RPed as…))

Ace stared at the kid. He wasn’t suprised that the kid had such power. It reminded him of his little brother, Davey. Davey was gifted with a diferent ability than Ace. However, this power was dormant and sleeping. He looked at the kid again, more carefully. He then knocked DeeJay right in the gut. Deejay looked as if he was ready for more. Deejay then kicked Ace in the face. Instead of stepping back like his instincts told him, He grabbed his pants then tossed him into a dumpster.

“Thanks,” He said. “But I’ve got it handled… By the way, you remind me of someone…”

Just as the two were gonna introduce themselves, Deejay got back out an kicked him to the floor. He continued to kick him repeatedly in the back after the first kick knocked him down. Ace looked pretty pissed as he got back up to finish the job. Deejay smiled as he saw that Ace appeared weak.

<<Buster Fist>>
He gathered some energy into his right hand. He focused it as if from some sort of megaman game. He then launched the energy ball with his mind. He then remembered that Urien had another version of this move. Deejay took a bit of damage from the attack.

“Your turn, Kid!” Ace said in an overconfident voice.

(sry i’ve been gone, heh heh…been sidetracked)

Gosai watched as Sanosuke managed to dodge the attack. “Not bad…your pretty good.”

“Hmph. You dont know the half of it.” Sanosuke said rushing in with a punch. (…man…doing fight scenes with myself is hard…)

“Lord Bison…Initial target designated, Gosai, combat abilities being evalutated.” A young woman said from where she was crouched in a tree.

“Not bad mon, not bad…” Dee Jay said setting on of his feet back and quickly kicking foreward with it a bit of chi gathering and then being launched. “Max out!” (i think thats the attack…)

“Watch out!”

He gathered even more ki, and this time in both hands. Normally this attack was basic. However, In Ace’s hands, It was equivallent to Shinkuu Hadouken. Finally, an unusually massive and fiery version to the hadouken was fired. He used it to reflect Deejay’s blast back at him. However, They cancelled eachother out.

“Ya mama mussa been a lickle b****!” He said. “Ya cyan fight me, boay!”

“Time to die!!!” Ace yelled.

His irises were glowing red once again. Only this time, His skin turned a decaying purple. Blood ran at his mouth rather quickly, and there were no sign of his pupils. This was the “Satsu no hadou” his sensei described.

“Bed tyme, pickney!” Deejay said.

“Actually,” He replied. “It’s 72 hours before your funeral… I’m gonna enjoy this!”

His voice sounded almost the same except his throat seemed dry(Very unusual for a person bleeding at the inside of his mouth…).

“Enough prattle, fool!”

He warped in front of Deejay. Deejay kicked him in the face before he could land in an attack. He then kicked Ace several times in the face. There was nothing he could do to turn this around. Deejay then lifted his leg in the air. As Ace tumbled closer, his opponent dropped his leg right into his back. He could almost feel and hear his back crack. The Satsu no Hadou was now sedated. Ace was feeling really weak. Deejay walked away casually with a winning smirk just before his eyes shut.

Upon waking up from the beating he took, He noticed that a poor looking blond haired guy witnessed the attack. He wore a red headband similar to Ryu’s, and a pair of green overalls that were undone and only reached his waist. He was definately the infamous wrestler Alex the Grater.