SF resident looking to get into the scene

Hello all,

I’m from SF and played some SF4 but really want to get into SFV. I a newish player (1100pp in sf4) so I am not looking to enter tournaments anytime soon, but want to maybe meetup with similar individuals around the bay who are willing to play with a newer player. I know there’s the scene at the Foundry, but are there any more smaller, private areas that people play? I’d like to stay in SF proper just for convenience, but I don’t mind driving somewhere? I’d love to meet some of you guys; I hear norcal has one of the better scenes in the country. I’m 26 if that matters and willing to bring some beer :).

Welcome to the FGC! Sorry that no one has responded to you yet. Although I’m not familiar with it, I’m sure San Francisco has a scene. It can be very difficult to know where to go when it isn’t readily apparent where the action is. I made a web app to help people find local tournaments and sessions. You can find it here https://kudala.com. I want to give anyone the tools to easily create a scene in their own city. It’s very new, so If you sign up now you probably won’t find matches soon, but I’m working to quickly remedy that. You can follow me on twitter here https://twitter.com/404_3RROR. Best of luck to you!

I’m in SF (near Castro or Church station), although I’m new to SF5 and I’m not sure when I’ll actually go out and meet the local scene. You can add me on CFN anyway; tag is 3ternal. Might be nice to meet up eventually or just play at the Foundry.

I’m in Oakland. Not sure if you’re still reading this thread, but there’s sfv tournaments at the MADE in Oakland. Also, my cfn is ScrubChief.

I’m getting an error when I try to sign up for kudala

Haven’t read recent posts on this thread, but I’m here for two weeks at a Fellowship at Stanford and I would like to attend some sessions, time permitted.

Best place to go in SF is the Folsom Foundry on Tuesdays where’s it’s casuals and Thursdays are tournaments.

How are the games there? Bring your own stick and console? Thanks

The foundry is probably the last thing we have, other than the arcade at SF state. You dont have to bring anything, just 10 bucks.

Welp, an update today. The foundry will also be hosting game nights fridays. So now it’s Tues, Thurs, Fri. All at $5 entry. AFAIK the only active tourney there now is Smash as they prepare for “bigger projects” on the other fighting games. I was there last week and had some fun on Soul Calibur 2.