SF Pwn@g3 FiGhTeRz 2009 Clan

I am carrying on the tradition of SF Pwnage Fighters for the year 2009.

So far the clan has 5 members:

Gene Wong aka Hail and Kill: Top 8 Evo CvS2: Ken Student
misterbean: #1 Yun in Socal
Let Blood Run: #1 Urien in San Diego
Ironfist: #1 Dudley in Motorola Cup Standings
and myself 5 Star: #1 Ken at Denjin Arcade

Previous members of SF Pwnage may get their position back in the clan, just let me (the new clan leader) know that you guys want to rejoin. We would like to start an East Coast chapter as well as a World chapter.

Whoever had Roshihikari-san banned, don’t worry, I will have him unbanned next week so he can once again be the leader. Fucking haters.

Roshi was never the leader

there was a guy behind Roshi pulling teh strings i forgot his name.

You’re fake

I definitely want in on this.

long live roshi and SF PwNaGeEEEe!!!


Nice. I am back.

TOTD (Tip Of The Day from Roshihikari):

New tactic with Yang; play run-away game with Yang. Keep backing away to the corner and teleport with HK to the other side of the screen when they try to come near. Do this until timeout and win by timeout.

what is this crappy crap

can team i parried that do a hostile takeover

I wanna join! Sign me up!

I feel ashamed using Yang then :wonder:

oh, nice roshi, i will try this

As Yi’s Ken Successor, I’ve quickly adapted and learned the ins and outs of 3s.

Since Roshi decided to share some knowledge, I think it’d be fair if i did as well.
No Joke - I was messing around in training mode and I’ve found a way to throw people FOR FREE, 100% untech-able. Now before everyone gets all crazy on me and say it’s not possible, hear me out.

Alright, it’s pretty simple. But it has to fit certain situations. To land free throws one has to first(this part is really important) DIZZY THE OPPONENT. after you’ve reached this step, it’s simple, just stand next to your opponent and throw them while they are still dizzy. If you did it right it should combo!

oh, nice hail, i will try this

Roshi-esque my grasshoper

To all those that want to join: You must attend the Denjin 3on3 this tourney and beat any of the 5 current members of SF Pwnage in the tourney.


yes come to denjin tomorrow for a chance to join, see you there.

OMG… Kobe What about People who don’t live in America?


Throw ex fireball with Chun Li, then jump in for a 50/50, or jump over them for an unblockable.

I’m the best Urien in socal

very nice tip, i will try that next week at denjin. btw, pherai aka the holy gouki is now officially in the sf pwnage fighters clan!!! good job beating me last night.

Good job. He has been added to the system, we will be informing him of the secret codes of 5TREET PW4NAGE F1GHTERS as well as the 5TREET PW4NAGE F1GHTERS secret nod.