SF Pad PCB question

I’m building a custom and want to use a SFII pad that I have. Its the 15th anniversery version.

Here are the pics:


2 Qs

  1. All I have to do is drill tiny holes through the golden circles and shove a 22 AWG wire into it and solder it?

  2. Since the directions have grounds… do I get the JLF with the 5 pin connector? Or the one without the 5 pin? Since the pads directions has its own grounds?

I have wired a HFS3 PCB before and it had holes for the grounds but the 5 pin JLF still worked when I put the black ground into one ground hole… will it work the same on this pad?



  1. yea just drill tiny holes in the golden circle and solder it

  2. the sf pad has a common ground, so just get the jfl with the 5 pin and solder it to any ground, or daisy chain it to the buttons

Alright, thats all I needed to know.

Thanks a lot man!

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