SF or Other Guitar TABs?

I’m sure I’m not the only geek here who plays guitar. Anyone else tried playing their favorite tunes from any games?

I’m gonna post some tabs. Maybe someone else can do the same or request some.

Just learned Ken’s theme recently from this tab, and am working on MegaMan3 intro. Original SF theme is cool too… everytime i play it I can still remember that white dude punchig the black guy in the face. If you can find the acoustic remix of MM3 Intro on the net somewhere, you should check it out… it’s awesome.

Click attachments for the tab.

Guile Theme

Ryu Theme, by ME! :slight_smile:

Ken power chord intro.

McVaffe’s Vega’s Ballad Remix
Overclocked Remix
Click here for the song

I’ll have a little army of jogging mario’s soon enough.

these are kinda fun to tinker with. i’d post something but i don’t know any fighting game songs. but if someone knows the song from the convienent store stage of matrimelee they should really post it. i’ve been dying for that shit.

The bass intro for Zangief is just D E F G

One way to do it if you don’t have a good ear is to disassemble one of the commonly-available midi files and just copy over the notes…

And I’ve seen a few fragments transcribed online here and there. Does anybody here wanna collect them all together and send them in to www.olga.net ?

How do you disassemble a midi file? I you you can convert them into sheet music, but I can’t read that… :frowning:

If you want something crazy to try, here’s the squaresoft intro.

Well, you can take a midi file and convert to sheet music via musicmasterworks or similar. You could print that, but then if you can’t read it, then there’s probably some automated way to convert it to tab…

Anyway, I found an alternative version of Ken’s that’s a bit different to yours. I haven’t tried to play it yet, but from a casual glance, it looks the same but just in a different key (it starts on A in the other version)

I also found a version of Ryu that starts on

Anyway, here’s one I worked out myself: Chun Li. I’m gonna use the # tag in this message so we don’t need to use an attachment:


Then repeat up 5 frets…

Anybody want any others? And anybody tried to record themselves playing?

Hrm… How do you use the # tag? I’ve never used it before. I guess I’ll have to look into it.

I’ll take all the tab you can spare… it’s not like they take up too much space or anything. :slight_smile:

I’ve tried recording myself before, but since I’m here on an acoustic I have to use a mic. I recently aquired an mic so I’m gonna try it out… although I can’t get my soundcard to record ad play at the same time (so I can play with cakewalk and stuff). but that’s another problem.

here’s MM3 Intro

mm3 is very nice if anyone has the proto mans song that be even sweeter. I the enter your karma theme from faxanadu if anyone cares.

haha this is great, i never thought of playing these on the guitar - i’ll try em out when i get home. what’s your fave guitar? i’m using a Guild F-30 right now, i think it’s a '67. There’s a '74 LP Custom under the bed I’m too wussy to belt out, ah well.

My current guitar is a heap. The brand name is scratched off I think? :slight_smile: My electric is a les paul copy form the 70’s but the input jack needs some work.

I just recently found a bunch of old game Mods/s3ms/its/etc. Now I can’t read sheet music, but i can read the green code that flies up the screen in impulse tracker! (kinda like the matrix I guess :))

This is awesome for me because I can now see the exact notes for the bassline, lead, etc. which means I don’t have to rely on my ear alone. If anyone of you guys have dabled in tracking you should check it out.

If anyone wants these mods and can’t find 'em, I’ll give 'em. Currently have bout 20 SF ones and 25 MM2-3 mods.

^ I think vintage gear is highly overrated, and I don’t like the LP shape, but anyway…

To use the monospace tag, just press the # button when you reply, and then type the tab inbetween the code square brackets… As long as you’re under about 70 characters wide, it should be fine.

So, does anybody want me to try to work out any of Blanka, Honda, Boxer or Sagat?

Also, if you want more non-SF game tabs, check that olga link above- they have Bubble-Bobble, Tetris, Zelda, MGS etc.

Proto whistle

E |-3-6-8-----6-|-10----3-6-9--|-8--6--------|
B |-------------|--------------|------6-8----|
G |*------------|--------------|------------*|
D |*------------|--------------|------------*|
A |-------------|--------------|-------------|
E |-------------|--------------|-------------|

And here's a bass version in case you're bored.

Richard, go for it! I wouldn’t mind trying to play those themes. Thanks for the link, I’m gonna try MGS. :slight_smile:

Here’s MM3 acoustic intro as an attachment. I’m gonna try to do the full protoman theme (MM3 ending), SF2 select screen, and 1 Credit SF2 ending next.

anyone know of any sites with a guitar tuner? haven’t used mined in a year and forgot what the notes are supposed to sound like… in any case there are some guitar freakz tabs at gamefaqs


heh you from t.o. as well, thanks man


Crow: he’s an old school TOSF Member, way before your time!

FinKm, maybe we should post that link of that crazy korean guy who plays games music really well with his guitar!


this guy may look like a fag, but his insane guitar skills make up for it…
it’s menu 6 and 7 to download the music, use ur status bar at the bottow of ur IE to check the links at the sides
some are vids, and some are mp3s,

OK, I just spent an hour with the sound test of the Sega MegaDrive version of SCE and transcribed some of the ones I hadn’t seen… Most of these are incomplete, and some don’t have all the notes… But it’s a start, and should give you a bit of an idea of the main riffs…

Fragments from Street Fighter II
Theme music composed by... (I forget - *anybody wanna fill this in from the credits?*)
Note, when near to KO, all tempos increase by approx 35%.

Arcade Introduction
E:------------------------ -3----
b:------------------------ ----3-
g:------------------------ ------
d:--0-0--0-0-----0-0------ ------
a:-----------3-3------?-0- ------
e:------------------------ ------

Character Select (does this agree with what you got, Drunken Master?)

E. Honda
E:---------- ----------
b:---------- ----------
g:---------- ----0-----
d:---------- --2---2---
a:--0----0-- ----------
e:-----3---- ----------

E:--------------------- --------- ---------------3- -------
b:--------------------- --------- -------1-3-1-3--- -3-1-1-
g:--------------------- --------- -0-0-0----------- -------
d:----1------------1--- -----1-3- ----------------- -------
a:--3---3--3-3-3-3---3- -3-3----- ----------------- -------
e:--------------------- --------- ----------------- -------

E:----------- ----------------
b:----------- ----------------
g:----------- ----------------
d:--0-2-3-5-- ----------------
a:----------- --0-3-0--?---0--
e:----------- ---------?-3----


E:-------------- ----------
b:-------------- -----1-3--
g:-------------- ---2------
d:-------------- -3--------
a:--0-0-0-0-0-0- ----------
e:-------------- ----------

E:------------------------------------- -----
b:------------------------------------- -----
g:------------------------------------- -----
d:------------------------------------- ---6-
a:-3-333-333-333-4-444-444-44-5-4-3--1- -3---
e:------------------------------------- -----

E:---------------- -------------------
b:---------------- -------------------
g:-0-0-0-0-0-3---- --2-2---0----------
d:-------------3-- ------3---0-3---0--
a:---------------- --------------3----
e:---------------- -------------------

M. Bison
E:--------- -------------------
b:--------- -------------------
g:--------- ----------0--------
d:--2~-1~-- --0-2-0-2---4-0-2--
a:--------- -------------------
e:--------- -------------------

Put any errors or expansions up here, and then maybe we can send them in to an archive…