SF III Art Book Scans

Came across these scans of the entire book and hadn’t seen them posted up around here before. I didn’t scan them but I thought some of you might be interested in checking them out.

My apologies if they are posted and I didn’t see them.


but umm


are missing

also you shouldn’t host on photobucket
or else your bandwidth get rizzaped

Where’s a better place to host them?

I uploaded all that were in the file I got, I’ll check again for those pages.

photobucket offers 10 gb of bandwidth monthly so um not too much of a concern but you should’nt post this link on too many forums. for this kind of stuff, photobucket is your best bet but if still dont feel comfortable then host em on imagevenue but become a member. you can only post the pics as thumbnails though…

good shyt anyway.

well i’d think it’d be best if he just rarred them and put em up on a file host
like rapidshare.de

or something of the ilk
or i could do it when i get home from school.

Awesome scans :tup:

Incredible stuff, mucho rep for you! :tup:

Thanks for the rep! Glad you guys liked them. :tup:

Naked Ibuki… :open_mouth:

Also found some pretty decent quality scans of Capcom Design Works


Didn’t want to post another thread, hope you enjoy.

^ OMG, I’ve been looking for that one for years.

I love you…

…no homo.

I thought I was the only one who noticed lol

Capcom vs SNK Art Book Scans


You need a program called CDisplay to view these, you can download it here …

These are mostly just the win/character portraits all seem to be good quality.



Capcom Design Works complete download


Same as the link for the Capcom vs SNK art, you need CDisplay to open the file.

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That site has blame art, you fn win reped.

Thank you all for the rep and kind words, glad you all like them.

Here’s a download link for all of the SF III art book scans. It is missing a few pages but unfortunately that’s how I found it, still has 100+ pages.


Could someone rapidshare this ones? I really want to get ahold of them, but megaupload hates my country:
"All download slots assigned to your country (Mexico) are currently in use."
I’ve been trying to download since they were posted and I get thesame message every time.


oh, and for .cbr and .cbz files you people can also change the extension to .zip and decompress if you want the individual images.

I can put the Capcom Vs SNK and SF 3 books on rapidshare but the Capcom Design Works is too big at 192MB. I’ll put them on and post links up when they’re done.

Edit - Rapidshare says all of it’s drives are full

Anyone know of another place I can put these up?