SF II' Hyper Fighting for Kawaks

Logging on to Kaillera and trying to start a SF2T game with people on servers is a pain. Leave your Kaillera name and when you usually play or PM me if you want to start a game.

Kaillera name = Samuel Kirk

I usually play anywhere from 2pm to 10pm EST on weekdays. Weekends are variable. I can be found at one of the Godweapon servers.

Sweet, finally some new HF comp (there’s like 4 guys who play HF on kaillera it seems). I’m usually on late around 11pm during the weekdays. Definitely have more time on weekends. I’ll usually be in God Weapon since there are no stable cali servers :tdown:

Nick: DGV

I’m rarely on Kaillera, but I had some cool matches recently in HF. Just playin tho cuz ZB was down (still is). Anyway, I might be up for a few games; my AIM is phildisma.

hi guys im new on the us serveur, but im pretty good on ssf2t, im usually on at 11pm .I really want play with the best players so let me know please.