SF games for XBOX Live

Hey, I want to start playing a SF game online for xbox, but I’m unsure as to what game title I’m looking for.

Can someone here tell all the games in the SF that are playable on xbox live? And also which one is the most popular, thanks :wgrin:

3rd Strike has some good competition on XBL… dood.

So does that mean I should buy the anniversary collection? or is there a 3rd strike box that I can buy?

Yeah, you’d have to get Anniversary Collection for it. 3rd Strike on XBL is really good though, you just have to stick mainly to people decently close to your area. Like if you’re on the east coast like me then playing west coast players or European players is too laggy but I get good connection with people from the east coast and even from Canada sometimes. Some people with really good connections can even get you close offline type settings. But yeah, Xbl can be good for playing against and seeing a lot of different styles of play as long as you stick with good players. Most of the people that post on SRK will give you good battles… dood.

ok, so… is SRK short form for the anniversary collection? What about CAP Vs SNK? Is that one any good?