SF Community

So I spent some time this weekend playing Gears of War 2 (new maps download). It reminded me of just how good the HDR community is, in general. I know we have our fair share of droppers and after a loss sour grapes message senders. I know we have DeKor. But in general most players on HDR are respectfull, friendly, and cool. I have way more good experiences with other players on here than bad ones. I know I receive a lot more positive messages after matches, win or lose, than negatives. Way more “GGs” and “nice Honda man” than “you cheap prick!” LOL.

I never really thought about it until a late night GOW2 session. Man, the losing team cursed and blamed their team mates, lag, everything but themselves for the loss, and the winning team ridiculed, called names, and laughed at the lossing team. Every match! These guys sounded like they were in their twenties and acted like they were eleven, LOL.

But the best is the after kill taunting. Some schmuck that gets blasted ten times in a row finally gets a kill and all of sudden he turns into Micheal Jackson, doing his little vulgar victory dance over his kill. Reminds me of the footbal player for who scoring a touchdown isn’t enough, they have to do some outrageous dance or stunt for attention. I’ve always subscribed to the Barry Sander’s school of act like you’ve been there before. Nothing wrong with a little smack talk but just being an obnoxious prick all match every match gets old.

So I go back to HDR and after a few matches with some good players I send and receive the message “GGs”. It was good to be home, LOL.

Welcome back to your ‘real family’. :slight_smile:

^^^ hugs

Everytime i beat a Honda player i do Gief’s russian kick dance

For reals… I’ve met SO MANY people that I would consider friends, and would want to be friends with in this community. Usually I get bored of something if I do it to much, but the people keep making it interesting.

I love you man.

Ugh…I love you TOO man.

No, no. I LOVE you man!

I agree. The HDremix community is a whole lot better then gears of war’s. But i also must say it was a pleasure playing gears today with you mr. mad possum:wgrin:. You were beasting lol but anytime you would like to party up, let me know. I’d be glad to team up with you again. Godbless

LOL you were the one racking up all the kills. We made a good team, it was a bit different working together instead of trying to jump in and smack ya around, LOL.

SF2 is a man’s game. :cool: