SF Canada's What'd ya get thread

I always like reading these. This is a placeholder post for now because I’m about to open gifts at my house but I’d love to read how everyone else did with their Christmas haul this year.

EDIT: My parents got me exactly what I wanted:

$300 in Gift Certificates to SportsChek. Let the Under Armour siege begin.

$200 in Gift Certificates to The Nike Store. Upgrades to all my gear coming.

$200 in cash. Odds are it’ll go towards more Under Armour gear.

I also got a few sweaters and socks.


My big present was a 27" HD LG Monitor to replace my old newb ass Prima tube tv. Got a nice pair of fatality noisecanceling headphones w/ mic and ofcourse, the classics: socks and underwear.

Now I need me some speakers so I can continue to play SF and listen to tv shows on comp at same time !_!

Merry Christmas all

My big thing this year was a nice set of speakers for my new laptop and for our TV setup, and DAYUM did mum and dad deliver. We watched a Michael Buble special with them and WOW the difference is huge. Love it.

I did fairly good this year considering the budget constraints!

$100 from my parents
sweater from my older bro
22 inch LCD Monitor from my younger bro
$25 dollar gift certificate for EB from Jess and the GDLK t-shirt :slight_smile:
My dog stepping on my balls this morning when he jumped on me in bed.

Waiting to cash in on the uncles and aunts :slight_smile:

I received nothing due to the fact that I’m an uber-jew and my family and friends hate me.

I did pretty good this year!


Marvel Zombies 4

SkullCandy Headphones

Iphone headphones w/mic + $100 for EB

Tekken 6

Everything together

Bonus pic!

God I love under armour too! There clothes are great, but I’m more impressed with their shoes. I’m never buying a different shoe brand again. Got a gift certificate too, gonna hit up there shop in the outlet mall tomorrow!

I also got a home blood testing kit from my mom. I do not know why. I found that gift a little odd lol:lol:

you’ve got the aids

Call of Duty pj’s… They couldn’t find any street fighter ones.

some gear for my drumkit, a 22" HD TV, clothes, and a gift card here and there.

got my self a Canon T1i lol

Does anyone really give a shit what random strangers got? Sounds like a brag excuse thread.

i got a rock

but seriously

boston pizza gift card
silvercity gift card
lots of candy
various other items

good times

Don’t be salty just cause Santa left you coal. Try being a good boy next year.

It is. So what :rofl:

I never ask for anything and didn’t get anything . Bought all my own toys this year.

Got a cooking book ;s
Book written by a kid with downs
a massage chair BD <3
And a couple gift certificates.
My aunt gave me chocolate…apparently my present from her had been sent to some poor kids in another country. :3

I received money and some baking supplies from Chris! (I’m excited because I got two sizes of icing spreaders so I can make my cakes and cupcakes look aesthetically appealing!)

I got white man clothing.

This was an amazing year

Work = 1400$ bonus (part of the transision work that was done while splitting the company) This is paying my Evo this year

Parents = Paid 500$ on my car loan, 50$ cash, HP All in one Officejet Printer Wifi & Ethernet compatible, Winter Floor mats for my car.

The GF = 1 nice dressy shirt, 3 nice long sleeves shirts, Camcorder, CVS2 for ps2, some of that funky stuff :wink:

Also got 100$ gift certificate and shirt from extended family

real gift.