SF #0 Akuma sketch

Not sure if you’re allowed to post shit up for sale so if you’re not, my bad. Anyways, I’m selling a SF #0 comic with a sketch of Akuma on the back done up by Alvin Lee.

I got it around the time the comic came out off Ebay by some Canadian comic seller I was getting most of my SF comics from. I’m guessing it came from a convention in the Canada region. I’m not positive it’s a #0 Chicago variant since I’ve never opened it (sealed with a sticker on the back) but hey, it’s a real Alvin Lee sketch… and if not it’s still pretty awesome.

I think I paid 100somethin for it so if I get atleast 75ish I’ll be satisfied. I got some other SF crap I’ll sell if anyone’s in the market (opened Resaurus figs with boxes, 1 unopened Vega EB version, signed and framed SF comic poster, some power foil covers from the earlier issues).

Sorry for the shameless plugs but maybe you Akumaholics might want a stab at it… plus I need the $$$ to get the hell outta Cali to move back home so buy it! :tup:


Hmmm…interesting. $100 BIN is a bit much for me, though.

Well that’s what I paid for it so it was worth a shot. I doubt it’ll go over 50 bucks anyways, keep an eye on it if you’re interested.

Looks cool.