(Sex with) Juri VS Makoto

Which would be worse?

Juri is a sadist, but Makoto is a meteorite.

Which would leave you worse off, as in the closest to death - Juri or Makoto?

They probably both have horrendous body odor but at least Makoto has a soul. So Makoto all the way.


Clearly, Makoto is a lesbian. Juri is definitely bi so threesome is a go.

Juri would probably kick your dick off in your sleep.

Makoto probably has a dick.

You’re taking an L either way.


@Preppy @d3v

ole snitch ass

ole im te-te-telling on you ass

I would say Makoto - sure, Juri is a hard-ass but Makoto will run and tear you down without even meaning to — I can just picture her in a “reverse cow-girl”-position doing her Hayate-loops.

If Ya’ll mother fuckers would put as much effort in thinking about sex with real chick’s vs how much you think about fictional ones. . .

Itd be more interesting if they had girlfriends to know what they thought.


why am i not surprised you support threads like this

I’m bored surfing on internet so I should:

a - run a non sense poll on srk

b - change my avatar pic at the top of the list

c - kill myself

Please, vote!

This really doesn’t need a thread.