Severe problems playing N*G games online


I wouldn’t normally post but I’m getting a bit desperate here :shake: I haven’t been able to get a single Neo Geo game to function properly in netplay, whether it be on Normal Kaillera or Kaillera P2P. I really have no idea what the problem is, but whomever I’m playing seem to desynch VERY quickly, like after one fight of KOF '96/97 and one ROUND (!) of Bakumatsu 2. My upload speed is not so bad (600 kb /s, usually even more) that I feel it should mess up so quickly. Can anybody give me an idea of whats wrong, or maybe some advice? I’ve been using FBA (albeit not the newest version) and Kawaks and both have had issues. The games work fine offline of course, but I’d like to be able to play some NG game online without these sorts of problems :sad:

theres a file called neogeo.bios. You can get it from the rom section of any site under the mame or neogeo category. Just get the file and you should be good to go unless theres more to it you haven’t said.

I might add something: without the neogeo bios you cant play these games at all.
I had the same issue btw but well…whenever I am using NeoMame+ it works fine…just hard to get the entire NeoMame+ Romset + finding someone to play with.


The problem is, I have a Neo Geo bios file in my Roms folder, where all the emulators are pointed to. Is it possible my bios file is corrupt? Can anyone tell me the size/nr. of files in a proper zip (mines is 259 KB/11 files)? Is having it in the folder enough, or do I need to configure in each emulator to point to one directly? I’m really pouring my brains trying to figure what could possibly be the issue.

I think I’ve given you all the info I can, but heres what I can add. The people I’m playing with have said that, at time of desynch, that my character is still moving (in fact they’ve said they don’t notice there is an issue until I mention it, thought perhaps they’re not paying attention to the movement carefully) but on my side I immediately see them stop moving (or moving erratically.) As I said they all work perfectly offline, and all other (CPS1/CPS2) games work fine online. And, well, I don’t know what else. Just that I really, really want to get these working.

Thanks to those who have replied so far… hopefully this can be sorted soon :shake:

Neogeo games shouldn’t sync on normal FBA due to obvious reasons (neogeo clock chip emulator taking local time). On Kawaks, most games seems to sync if you restart the emulator before every game. Don’t know about MAME but don’t like that emulator anyway.

I’m sorry, but I don’t quite understand. Should I not use FBA and use Kawaks instead? I’m quite confused.

Kawaks has severe desyncing problems with neo geo games. FBA should be ok though.

You sure you’re using the exact same kaillera and P2P clients as the person you’re playing with? Are you on a wireless connection?

We both use he same ones (.9 Kaillera, whatever the most recent P2P one is.) Same versions of FBA too ( I’ve been having better luck so far with older games ('95, '96, Breakers Revenge) that seem to go for a couple of matches. Still, like I said my connection isn’t so bad so I’m still a little lost as to why its happening at all (and especially why it happens so quickly in Bakumatsu.)

Could it be video settings or something?

Edit : I’m not on a wireless/behind a router, either.