Setups into instant SA2?

I mainly use it as an anti-air (when timed right) or when faking a throw or something like that =\ But I connect… Maybe 5 out of 8 tries. What’re the SA2 setups?

Anti-Air SA2 gets some sort of damage reduction bug where you do less than half of the total you would normally get(on a standing opponent). I don’t recommend it.

You can use it on wakeup if you think they’re going to try and throw you, or after an empty jump (yours or theirs). Also, try to get them to throw a fireball from mid-range and you can super over it.

Me, I just cancel it off of standing mk. But I only play SA2 like once a year, and mostly so I can show off and OTG it on Hugo players.


I can standing mk into SA2 also but the timing on XBL is so gay because of the lag, I don’t find myself doing it that way much =\

Also -yeah, I’ve noticed that SA2 does weak damage in the air, I think it hits for 8-11 while the ground one hits for 18. -Sigh~

BTW, OTG? o.O;

The Plug of Shame

You’ve seen my video, ya? It’s in there, last section.

N - if you haven’t. Tutorials section.

I’ve seen it =) Very nicely done, I can’t wait for the Necro vid T.T;