Setups after Mantis Ultra 2?

So Ive been messing around in the lab with Mantis Ultra 2 and there are some pretty good setups to land it. The problem is turning the gray damage to real damage lol, so do you guys know any good setups for it?

You can do a crossup oga on some characters afterwards, that’s probably your best bet.


Did you make that list? I only ask because I feel like some of the options don’t work and I wanna know what thread to go to to help correct it.

so what in the doc is not correct?

Shitenketsu crossups/ Unblockables
Ryu medium oga meaty cross ex oga unblockable soft (combo
ken same as ryu
Ibuki walk forward medium oga unblockable
Makoto same as ibuki
Dudley ex crosses up
Gouken ex crosses up, walk back med oga crosses up
Gen early EX Oga crosses up
Sakura medium oga is unblockable
Yun and Yang jump crane medium kick unblockable
Juri walk back medium oga unblockable
Chun Li, Instant light oga cross
Viper medium oga unblockable
Cammy ex is crossup, late ex is unblockable no kara
Guy medium Oga is unblockable
Hakan medium oga is unblockable but timing is strict
Guile Ex oga is unblockable
Blanka early light oga crosses up
Zangief early medium oga is a cross up
Rufus medium oga crosses up
Fuerte medium oga is unblockable
Vega walk forward mk is unblockable hard to time
Balrog Ex crosses up walk back medium oga crosses up
Fei delayed medium oga unblockable
T Hawk early medium oga is cross up
Adon medium oga is cross up, delayed ex oga is unblockable
Rose instant medium oga is crossup

To be honest, I’m not sure. If they are correct then I would love for someone to tell me what I’m doing wrong Q_Q

Also, I can’t seem to get the mk oga to work after shitenketsu on Ken.

Edit: I just did it, but I don’t understand what caused it. Is it not possible to do from the middle of the screen?