Setup videos

I just want to make a thread for all those vega players who’s trying to search for some of the really obscure videos out there. Some videos have titles in another language, the name isn’t very clear/precise, or the word “vega” isn’t even in the title! it’s impossible for others to recall what they say yoinks ago. i want this thread to be just me updating the first post of videos people might of missed out. if anyone has some setups videos (not full blown “how to” vega tutorials) post it here or pm me aobut it and i’ll edit my first post. so without further ado, let’s begin

Makoto1234 setups:

Ibuki Unblockable/inescapable setups

normal unblockables

anti SRK setups

crossup super

That Makoto setup video is probably the best thing i’ve ever seen :stuck_out_tongue:


Does anyone actually know how to do some of the things in this video like cosmic heel on the ground u2 and take your mask off u2?

cosmic heel to u2, you just have to charge REALLY fast, then execute it REALLY fast. I’m talking about moving so fast your hand actually gets tired. not too sure about the second one…

wrong post.

crossup super updated in the first post people

Cross up Super from forward throw.

Nice, and if they block the first hit you can still grab for 300 if they mess up their AA/FA/Dash counter.

What is the timing on some of these? Mostly the anti srk j.HP.

just watch the video. and experiment it yourself in training room. can’t really explain the timing, you just need to make the dummy vega do the setup on you and see if your dp would whiff. if you get dp’d, you walked too far. if jumping hp whiffed, you walked too little. most character requires different walking distance. also none of these setups work for ken. his mp dp is too good.

Use cr.LP instead of cr.LK for a little extra damage. Character specific, but if you can’t cross-up on them standing, it will probably work on them crouching. And in those cases, the setup will cross-up in the corner. Keep in mind it has to be H RCF.

I came up with an addition to this that evolves this setup into a devious, tricky mixup.

CH -> cr.LP xx H RCF xx FBS
CH -> cr.MK xx H RCF

With cr.MK, the H RCF will not cross-up. You can substitute cr.MK with cr.MP to make it a little trickier to notice the difference between the two setups, but it’s cr.MK to get max damage out of this.

With the latter mixup, it’s an easy hitconfirm to Super Cancel or EX Red Focus Attack. Big damage either way.

You’re welcome.

Note: The cross-up doesn’t work on Gouken midscreen. It has to be in the corner.