Setting up the F + MK

So when I first started playing with Abel I had a hard time setting up the forward kick as I would get punished by people with faster normals. I moved on to work on other aspects of his game and other combos and have been able to pick them up and can execute them on a consistent basis (only took like 3 months). Anyway…we all know one of Abel’s best attribute is the ability to get in close with his Foward kick and it’s time for me to face the music and practice setting it up. My question to you all is how do you guys set it up outside of the obvious (blocking a DP). I’ve seen JuiceBox and Rico Suave set it up after a block string…but I always get punished by a mashed DP when I try that. Any advice…thanks in advance for the help, my apologies if this is answered in another thread.

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correct me if i’m wrong, but you cannot use f+mk in a true blockstring

if you are getting dped out of your setup, you need to bait that srk by leaving purposeful gap in your blockstring (or not pressing that f+mk after your blockstring)
if you punish your opponent a few times, he will most likely reconsider mashing the srk everytime, then you can apply the stuff you mentioned

btw. f+mk is pretty good poke on its own and if you buffer the dash, it will come out only if you hit with f+mk

A block string is just a series of attacks meant to pressure your opponent into messing up and leaving an opening. They don’t have to be a combo, but it’s damn nice if they do.

If you really need to an example, OP (I’m using semicolins to represent a follow up attack which is not a combo)

cr.lp, cr.lp,; f+mk
Where f+mk is blocked low: cr.lp, cr.lp,; f+mk;
Where f+mk is blocked high: cr.lp, cr.lp,; f+mk;, whatever.
Where f+mk is blocked either way: cr.lp, cr.lp,; f+mk, TT
Where f+mk isn’t blocked: cr.lp, cr.lp,; f+mk, s.hp, fierce CoD.

I mean. It ain’t rock paper scissors. It’s up to you to be creative about it. But, I don’t think f+mk is quick enough to be a poke. It’s hard to consider a 7-frame start-up move a good poke when the majority of the metagame has a 3-frame poke (i.e, Ryu’s is a decent poke ----- its a slowpoke



But seriously, not all pokes need to be fast to be good pokes. Good examples of this to go along with Abel’s would be Guile’s and Ken’s

True blockstring;)

btw. is there any reason you end blockstrings with cr. lk and not with cr. lp? it gives more frame advantage (+3/+6 while is +1/+4)

but i can see your point when you compare f+mk to ryu’s cr. mk:)


Because hits low. Typically, I limit myself to cr.lp, cr.lp or cr.lp, because of damage scaling issues (I need two normals for a hit confirm; I haven’t practiced enough). If they block low, cr.lp has more blockstun than Easier for a tick throw. If they’re blocking high, will hit.

I’m not saying f+mk is a bad poke. I’m starting to play a lot of footsies with Abel’s (range feels like it’s just outside a lot of shit). It can be used as a poke, but I feel like has some worthwhile advantages over f+mk. Granted, if you can land that f+mk, FFS do it.

F+mk is so hard for me to get use to lol

Yeah brah, you like have to press mk and foward at the same time.

High level shiite right there.

Standing lk: It doesn’t do a lot of damage but it’s quick, has pretty good range and it gives you a gauge on whether or not to use f+mk.

Block Strings: Used to keep your opponent blocking as well as push them out of range of their pokes. (if you do cr. lk x 3 into standing lk and walk back a little against Ryu you’ll be just out of his cr. mk range. from there you can counter hit f+mk into profit.)

I find lk and smp are good pokes, well smp isn’t really a poke due to its short range, but it stays out for a decent amount of time, and if they try to jump out of a block string they get hit by it, and you can go into a mixup again. Whenever they are standing and I successfully link lk to lp, i go for maybe another lp and then into smp for maximum damage off that combo.

Too many players will spam shoryu, especially online.

7 frames is slow for a midrange poke now? I missed that memo.

Stand Shirt is really good because it controls space. Never mind the damage. Step Kick is good because it controls space, and has huge damage potential. It’s one of the best moves from mid range in the game.

i hate the fmk to the cod fdac u1 combo.

what about, fmk>fp(whether is connects or the opp blocks), fadc after the 2nd hit comes out, then dash forward to TT? I’ve tried this a lot and it’s a decent way to set up some moves? any thoughts

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What about it?

You should be able to hit confirm the f+mk. You can TT off the f+mk without having to burn 2 bars. Even if you wanted to burn two bars, you can do f+mk, s.hp xx fierce CoD and cancel the first hit of CoD as is.

I like, CoD FADC c.hp, U1, but that’s not optimal (at all). :stuck_out_tongue:

You can also use F MK after a simple block string as a trap against characters without 3frame Dp’s using at the end of the string. Cause you get some good counter hits. Start with F MK or your block string so they get into block stun then at the end of it use your F MK again to start over. Just be sure to change it or they with eventually figure a way out. IE: F MK (Dash) C.lp C.lp F MK (Repeat)
An example of the change up is :F MK (Dash) C.lp C.lp F MK (Dash) C.lp C.lp(TT/ MK)
If I remember correctly to F mk is 3 frames of opening. If I’m wrong please correct me. I don’t wanna give wrong info lol.

I actually read his post wrong. I thought he said something slightly different and was being sarcastic about the difficulty of using the normal.

Mmmm a true block string is not just any series of pokes. Recovery and startup have to be less than the blockstun. Keeps the opponent in a continuous state of blockstun.

F+mk works good with mind games. cr lp. - cr lp. - F+mk easy setup. Or just one cr. lp. playing just outside throwing range you can almost 100% lands F+mk to get in. Abel is a close range player, just stay in close and F+mk all day.

p.s. missed/block DP always Cr.Fierce- Fierce Falling Sky. unless you have meter or U1 waiting.