Setting Custom Keyboard Macros?

Anyone know how to set a custom macro on your keyboard imitating a movement input? Specifically full circle. I’ve been playing fighters on keyboard for quite a while now and I can do any other input. Alternatively, does anyone have any special trick to pull this input off consistently with a keyboard?

Before anyone suggests it, no interest or intent to switch to a fight stick or a controller. Wouldn’t be worth it to learn the few characters using FC input scattered across the several fighters I play. Every other input I can do flawlessly.

Directional input macros are frowned upon in the community to the point where they are considered cheating so I would hope no one would point you in the direction. 360 and 720 motions aren’t actually required to hit all the directional inputs in many games, they are more like 270s and 540’s than the full motion. A quick google search yielded this:
Also keep in mind that a lot of the time these motions are being buffered behind attacks or movement options.

Good to know thanks. I can see why it might be seen that way. Pulling off that particular input is just so annoying. Thanks for the video, I’ll give that a shot!

Also, I didn’t watch that video, but you may also want to adjust your keyboard inputs to something similar to the hitbox layout if that’s not what you’re doing already. Something like A: left, S: down, D:right Spacebar: up. that way to hit the motion you simply do a left handed drum from left to right.

hmmm, thats a clevor idea, I might have give that a go. Been using arrows for years, but thats probably way better.

Edit: Oh wow that works perfectly, I can do it 100% with that using arrows and num0/^ for up input. Forget the weird trick in that video. Thanks so much dude!

No problem, I play stick myself but I honestly think hitbox style input layouts for certain games or character archetypes are better overall for accuracy, grapplers being one of those types. If you do end up deciding to move away from keyboard those styles of “stickless arcade sticks” may be for you.