Seth SSFIV: AE Loc Test Impressions (News, Venting, Etc.)

Wanted to keep all the chatter all of the other threads.

Have a dedicated thread to chat about anything new that might come up that is only specific for Seth or to vent heavily on any changes.

Pretty big buzz kill that they went to nerf him again. When all is said and done if they ruined him I’ll probably just stop playing the game.

There is already a thread like this man :T

Anyways, The fact that there is already a move to substitute j.HP shows that it wont be coming back. We are straight fucked now.

Also, Capcom was just ITCHING to take it off, weren’t they?



so Seths were complaining about them NERFING the j. fp from sf4 to ssf4, but now that they are REMOVING IT, people are saying its not that bad? …

Keep playing SF4, I play both, but when this path is avavible(which most people get, which make that unpatched SSF4 unplayable or hard to find players) I wont be playing SSF4 at all.

All the whiner, who dont even take this game seriously, get there wishes.
SF4 didnt even need rebalance, minor changes to sagat, nothing more.

HNICMike doesnt play Seth-

Well they gotta give him something new. Maybe they don’t want him to run away… more health? :smiley:

Exactly 1000 please :smiley:


I want his Vanilla Teleport back + his Vanilla Dive Kick and 50 HP more… maybe 1000 HP flat would be better still lol

Any fireball char throws a FB tele and punish on start up of the FB frames!!!

They must giving him something in return. He must be getting a health buff or something… right? ;_;

Probably not, that would make sense.


So true…


Oh, right. Sorry for bringing logic into this. Silly me! How could I be so stupid?

OnlineTony is probably somewhere off, getting drunk and looking like

Nice avi lol

I’m just wondering why th hell they did that… :s W/e Yun sounds cool and Sagat sounds Vanilla-ish.

I’ve lurked this site for years, but I’ve never decided to join and post until now. I find the removal of the j.hp insulting after all of the other nerfs. If his st.hp doesn’t work like Dhalsim’s now and His teleport and divekick aren’t returned to their vanilla status I’ll probably quit this game.

Well i have to say that as pissed as i am over the loss of j.hp i feel some huge buff is in store. Its IMPOSSIBLE for them to just remove J.hp then leave seth like that. Somethings happening there I just cant figure out what it is. I can only assume it will be a HP Buff and/or a buff to give him back his vanilla tools. In which case i can do without j.hp stretchy arms. Plus they didnt say stretchy arms were totally gone…meaning he could still very well have s.fp stretchy arms.

^ same here. They have to give more health for this huge nerf. We’re never gong to be able to beat Abel. Zangief, Rufus, or any of those other hard hitting characters without that health boost. I makes me so angry that I spent so much time into my Seth and to get what? Not a damn thing out of it.
Seth has been Seaned and Gened. =(

I dont want more health. I want him to be like he was in vanilla. i dont want him to be able to suck for a longer time. i want him to not suck and actually be fun again.

Haha, great AV.