Seth ssf4 arcade edition changes

Just read that his back jump sim arms have gone. I hope this change doesn’t stick as this is just a location test and is subject to change. Discuss.

Not to be too much of a bitch about it but;

we’re already discussing it in 2 other posts…read the Seth forums much?

to quote seth after he has done his ultra 1

“iiiiiiit’s oveeeeerh”

I think this thread should take over the discussion. If it’s really true then it deserves a thread of its own.

This change would be too big in my opinion. Kinda like taking away Shoryuken from Ryu. J.HP is an integral and critical part of Seth’s game as he stands right now.
To make up for it’s removal would be difficult. I’d take my guess that the arms do about 20-33% damage to my opponents on average with a 50/50 rushdown/defensive gameplan.

So in return you’d need higher damage output and/or more health. I’d prefer a slight health boost. But especially - more mobility, since Seth won’t be able to properly zone anymore.
They should give him his old teleport back (lower cooldown), or alternatively at least make the ‘offensive’ teleport, the one that brings you next to your opponent, have low cooldown. The ‘escape teleport’ could be left with a bit higher cooldown.
And also bring his divekick back for additional offensive pressure.

Another thing that could make up for j.HP’s removal could be the addition of some footsies! More movement speed, better/faster normals etc.

If they make Seth a pure rush-down monster, although balanced, as a result of this nerf, then I’d gladly take it. It’s my preferred way of playing Seth anyway. I don’t think you really need j.HP if you’re constantly pressuring up-close.

What are we supposed to do against Gief now? Die? Like, take it up the ass and get killed in 2 SPDs? Teleport is shit, sonic booms have so much damn recovery, no more j.HP.

BEHOLD THE GLORY THAT IS TH…character falls out of tanden engine


the thing with seth is that he was the ultimate troll char when you played vanilla seth people just crapped their pants of rage all you did with him people just raged…they block…tick spd…knockdown…teleport shenanigans…dive kick…you fucking name it…stun=rape…

I will miss you old buddy we had a great time…you will never be forgotten

so… u guys salty?

Mad salty.

If it is taken away they need to buff something pretty effing good to make up for it!

I guess gief-Seth is going to be the new Seth-gief.

I’m saltier than the dead sea right now.

I better start hearing about some major Seth buffs soon…

not gon’ happen yo

Azrael wrote in another topic ( that:

"Seth - J.HP changed, stretchy Dhalsim J.HP is gone. The animation is like a regular uppercut (think shoto or Guile C.HP) but just in the air. "

Doesn’t really sound useful. Wonder if it juggles or not.

Hitting someone above you when in the air doesn’t sound so useful to me…

Should we merge threads? :slight_smile:

Capcom with the CEO status trolling. Seriously, how is Seth going to zone properly without his good j.HP? it doesn’t do amazing damage either. Unless s.HP is faster to recover, and he got an all-around damage boost on other things, I don’t approve of the change.

Besides, what good is some fake ass shoryuken for a jumping normal (+ jumping back?), when we can just… shoryuken? I think I’d prefer an air grab.

This change will definitely turn Seth into a one trick pony. Zoning with sonic booms at anything but full screen is asking to lose half your health bar on a jump in forcing him to rely soley on his offense. This would be ok if they didn’t totally nerf his offense from vanilla to super. Sad day for us Seth players.

And I don’t think an air grab would do much for him. is already a great air to air with a lot of active frames and usually beats anything except like air tatsus.

More reason I can move on to BBCS.