Servebot Strats

The Official Servbot/Kobun Thread

Servbot needs a good assist to function no doubt about it…
I suggest the Tronne Bonne projectile assist because it is glitched and allows Servbot to do massive amounts of damage…
You can use it to punish assists too (call assist then servbot rush to cover)
Servbot can ghetto rush, just get in close and mix up high-low
I like j.HK+Tronne assist his low jump makes this a good overhead.
and his sweep c.HK + Tronne assist catches people who don’t roll.
or sweep and if they don’t roll call tronne assist and jump over them and keep applying pressure.
the tronne assist really lets you keep the pressure on when you get in close + it eats most assists alive at that range.

If they try to rush you jump back with the HP or HK (depends) and call tronne or just do the servbot rush super and hope they block. Watch out for Magneto and Storm who have no problems comboing Servbot.

his sj.LP has good speed and priority, it’s what I use to catch people in the air.

ALWAYS mash the balance type super which IS his best super. It also either beats or cancels out most supers…

More tactics later…

Edit Damnit that other servbot thread wasn’t here when I started posting this.

doom rocks+Serve’s Variable Rush= Lotsa chip dmg

especially upclose