Servbot Combos...can anyone help?

Howdy, folks.
I’m planning to shoot a ‘how-to’ combo video starring all of the Mega Man related characters (Mega Man, Roll and Tron Bonne), and I must say, I have gotten a lot of help all over the internet.

However, when it comes to one particular character, my research is coming up dry.
That character is Servbot.

What I’m looking for are some tricky/advanced combos that you can pull off with him, so I can round off the video and showcase all of the Mega Man characters. Believe you me, I would have practised with him a lot more, but when your damage level takes off a fraction of 1% of life, it tends to get frustrating after a while.

Can anybody help me out with some advice, or maybe some links to some videos that I can watch to get some ideas? Much appreciated! :wgrin:

There is a servebot infinite on most standing characters, its a normal jump rejump combo ala storms on sent. iirc it has two hits on the ground before the rejump, I dont remember the exact combo off hand. If you start the infinite without an assist you can take it to the wall, call tron, and reset it pretty easily.

Servebot has crazy instant overheads into tron. You can follow up with servebots lunch rush in most situations.

Trons lunch rush DHC’d to servebots lunch rush is like alot of damage.

Servebot does alot of chip with the helecopter servebots super, try doing a team hyper with servbot (helecopter bots), tron (lunch rush) and mega man (drill mega man) that would prolly chip at least 50-60%ish. I dont know if you can organize those supers for a THC or not offhand. Im positive you can THC servebots and trons.

If i remember/think of any thing else, ill post it.

All right…thanks, Risuno.
I’ll give it a try.