Seriously, what is the point of the lk-mk target combo?

Full disclosure. I am a scrub. Doomed to forever walk the plains of high super bronze - low ultra bronze hell. With that said, I really don’t see the point of the lk-mk target combo or the b-mk command normal for that matter.

Lp-mp has better range, the similar frame data as far as I know, and it seems easier to special cancel than the lk mk combo, although that might just be me. B- mk has similar if not identical startup to st-mp and mk has better range.

Literally the only use I can think of for it is lk-mk-lp xx lk SS.and even then, why not just do Lp-mp xx hk SS?

Someone enlighten a scrub?

Lk->MK ->Lp is a good way for new players who cant hit confirm off just two hits.

B.MK has a ton of uses.

a) Its a decent AA
b) Its a 5f normal( unlike MPs which are 6f) , so its useful in frame traps and punishing moves that are -5 on block.
c) It Force Stands opponents so B.MK->Sonc boom->V trigger allows you to land a Jump Fierce.
d) It combos into LP.Tragedy Assault and has more range than C.MP. So combos like C.HP->B.MK->TA are possible only using that.

To add to the above,

Rapid Kick has slightly faster startup than Rapid Punch. It is also relatively safe as it is only -2 on block whereas Rapid Punch is -6.

lk-mk-lp xx CA is also an easy hit confirm into super.

i dont use it because to link the lp you have to be very close to the opponent which leaded to me whiffing it more times then hitting with it. you dont need them to be “successfull”…at least in my opinion.

at the end its good to know what you can do out of it ect so a situation might appear in which you need it…but…i dont see it as a important tool of him.

the whole point of the LK-MK target combo was to combo into the LP-MP “rapid punch” target combo back in beta 1. After beta 2 this is no longer possible and nash can only do a jab xx LK sycthe which seriously reduces your followup options compared to LP-MP xx HK scythe.

On block its still terrible (-2 up close) so i think even if the rapid punches still linked fully today, i doubt people would still use it since the series gives you better blockstrings and hitconfirms. has 6f startup whereas has 4, so that’s probably why it can be used over series.

But over the lp, mp TC, I guess it’s easier to hit confirm and lead into a knockdown than lp mp, although you get much better oki with lp mp xx hk SS and it isn’t that hard to hit confirm