Seriously. Chie. Seriously

Am I the only one who thinks Chie should be Top Tier?

She’s just below top at number 3. Yes, she’s really good, but not as good as she used to be when she could fatal counter off her 5B.

Well yeah, but its kkind of annoying to be rushed down constantly, and her 896A/B is a built in mixup too? i was surprised. thats besides the point. how do i close a thead? i just noticed the tier list discussion thread right after making this one.

Don’t worry about tiers. Chie can get defeated just as easily as Chie can dish out damage.

I was pretty sure that Chie was gonna be good, but a lot of characters are. This game is pretty balanced seeing how much of the cast has so much potential :slight_smile:

some would say its annoying to be zoned out with shit all over the screen and prefer to rush in and make sure they cant fill the screen full of shit from the corner

I think Chie will be that character that people are going to have to learn the matchup the hardway, similar to Nu in BBCT. Chie gets in your face and it’s hard for characters like Aigis (Who is amazing at zoning/setups) to get her the fuck away unless you burst or learn how to instant block or something. She sure is punishing me for my lack of knowledge.

This game has been out long enough in Japan to not have any threads about “OMG ___________ IZ BORKEN” or anything. Maybe a more inclusive general anti-character thread would be a better idea. The tier list is fairly set at this point, and yes Chie is easily top 5, probably top 3 right above Yu, with Mitsuru and Aigis being the top 2.

I wouldn’t go so far as to say they’re “set”. There’s definitely still the potential for undiscovered tech to be discovered that would shake up the tier list.

I think Naoto had this happen when some loop was discovered? In any case it’s not gonna happen in the US week one, we know this much.

wow, fatal counter off 5B? That must’ve been awesome.

Side note: We’ve played the game for less than one week. How can you already speak about “top tiers” ?

Don’t have the game, don’t know shit about Persona and I read half of this thread. I just came here to say I hate Chie, her stupid name and her dumbass pumpkin head. That’s all, bye.

the games been in arcades in japan for about 6 months or so

I wouldn’t go as far as to say there’s really even a tier list in this game. Some characters have some clear cut advantages over others, but that doesn’t them any more of a threat than the rest of the roster. As far as Chie goes, she really thrives off of being in your face (as previously stated), try playing a patient poke oriented game against her. That’s what I’ve found most effective.

The tier lists are more about matchups than general viability. All the characters can compete and win against any other character, but Kanji definitely has more matchups that are not in his favor than Mitsuru, for example.

Nice avatar, lol

Yes, but in the US, we have been plaing for one week. I don’t think we’re anywhere close the actual japanese level, so not sure we can judge right now who is top tier or not

I know the game is still brand new for us, but how’s the Japanese tier list looking? Just curious, that’s all.

There’s a tier list thread, but anyways… the most recent thing we have is:

S: Aigis, Mitsuru
A: Akihiko, Chie, Teddie, Yu, Yosuke
B: Elizabeth, Kanji, Labrys, Naoto, S.Labrys, Yukiko

As is normal for tier lists, order within a given tier means absolutely nothing.