Serious modding for the t6 stick

ive been meaning to mod this tekken 6 stick for the longest time, and im finally gonna do it, but i got a few questions:

  1. where can i buy a circle restrictor plate for this stick ?
  2. can i play this stick with the square gate taken off (or drilled into a perfect circle)?
  3. will happ parts (just the joystick) fit into this?

thanks guys!

Does not exist any Restrictor made for the HORI Joystick.
Have to modify a Sanwa JLF Restrictor.
Drill four holes to the Restrictor.

There are four indents in the Sanwa Restrictor that shows exactly drill.

Buy this for the Sanwa.

Order page is in the URL for that image.

Happ will not fit.

cool, im looking into doing that. can you play with the gate off?