Series Champ money match

I challenge any one person to 3 games in a series.
Games must be 3s Tekken and MVC2. 3/5 50 bucks each game making it a total of 150 bucks.

Justin and Amir are excluded. Anyone else is fair game.

Also I’ll challenge any one to a series of 3 puzzle games. PPL, Puzzle fighter 2 turbo, and Nintendo Tetris. Only 20 bucks per game on that one.

This will be interesting as it tests to see who can play multiple games and who can only play 1 specific game. I.e. Pyro plays 3s like whoa but I don’t know if he plays anything else. Soo Plays MVC2 but he’s not very serious about any other fighters that I know of. Jinmaster is a tekken only player afaik… I play em all but sadly am only average at em all and haven’t mastered any single games. This should be fun. Maybe I can throw together a series tourney. I know alex valle has challenged people to series before cuz he can own at everything.

that sounds fun, fuck I’d do it but I suck at tekken how about

3s,mvc2,cvs2? :smiley:

I really suck at cvs2… 3s too…and tekken but I can get by in tekken. Let’s just do 20 bucks a game?

sounds good, I’ll practice tekken :]

What’s up DB!

Hey, i’ll take MvC2, 3S and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Bets. Im scrubby at Tekken and i have no idea how to play those other puzzle games. How much do you want to play for?


Chunk =)

mvc2/3s/cvs2/tekken? :wink:

i suck at all but marvel and even that im not that great

Ruin aka my brotha from spawn, what’s good! I’ll play you in marvel, cvs2, tekken, and 3s, but you have to give me 100 to 1 odds in cvs2…I SUCK AT THAT SHIT!

Anyway, im still pending on DB’s response =]

Ok I’m down, I gotta get a copy of puzzle fighter, you played before and had no problem, you down to play on ps2?

Yeah, PS2 for puzzle fighter? Im down.

Ruin: I’ll only money match you if your money and my money are up front. Deal


I’ll take the bet.

how about 3s, mvc2, and smash bros melee?

not SBM but I got someone that will money match you in that game…how much you wanna play for? choose another game besides sbm though.

last time we played mvc2 on ps2 you didn’t see anything wrong with it. You down for all 3 games on ps2?

Oh yeah. Sure, im down.

Hey DB, do you know anyone that plays Spawn: In The Demon’s Hand, that’s any good? Im gdlk in that shit lol. The game is for Dreamcast and i’ll be sure to bring it because I know there will be some people that play it =].

0_o wow didnt think anyone played that anymore, hell id be down for that, im gdlk , Grace is too good

Yeah I’ll do that MVC2 and 3s are free so 50 bucks a game sound good?

This challenge is still out there.

The Db!, Does He Want It Wit The Crizzle Master,hmmmmmm

ill bet on devilx for 3s, tekken 5, and mvc2. whatever you wanna cover. devilx, aka the king of tiajuana, aka La Cucaracha, aka take me with you john rambo, aka i knew that was coming don, aka i can be your hero baby…

so whats good. how much you wanna bet on this fanatiq??

i will take this bet as well. you’ll be at evo world right? im not hard to find.