[Sep 29, 2012] Canterlot Gardens: Quarter Circle Hoof 2012 (Fighting is... (Strongsville, Ohio)

**Canterlot Gardens: Quarter Circle Hoof 2012 **
*Fighting is Magic *
Sept. 29th, Strongsville Ohio!


Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012
2/3 matches, double elimination.

3/5 matches, single elimination.

Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
3/5 matches, single elimination.

Persona 4: Arena
2/3 matches, double elimination.

Fighting is Magic (New, Canterlot Gardens exclusive game build!)*
2/3 matches, double elimination.
Registration re-opening soon.

*Top three players get a special prize from the Fighting is Magic team, Mane 6.

Possible Side Games/Additions (Friday/Sunday - TBD):
Melty Blood AACC
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend


Jaxel/ 8wayrun

Presented By:
Canterlot Gardens, Mane6

First Official Fighting Is Magic Tournament

All entrants in the Fighting is Magic bracket will receive a free limited edition poster. (First come first serve, as supplies last.)

Convention Admission:
20 USD for Saturday only admission. 40 USD/Weekend. (Tournament occurs on Saturday.) Admission cost includes spectators.

Saturday, September 29th, 12PM - 2AM EST

Game Fee:
8 USD per game



Pre-Registration Link:
[Quarter Circle Hoof 2012]
On-site registration also available.

Holiday Inn (Cleveland-Strongsville Arpt)
15471 Royalton Rd
Strongsville, Ohio 44136

Pay out:

Tournament Rules:
PS3. PC setups for Fighting Is Magic.
Asus monitors/laptops used for all games.
Bring your own stick/controller. Wired only. Stock PS3 pads must have battery removed + USB cable to be eligible.
Pressing start and/or home will result in round forfeit.
Match forfeit if not present during your match call.

In-venue food and adult beverage lounge available.

Canterlot Gardens is a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan convention with cross-focus on videogames, western animation, and general pop-culture. In partnership with BrokenTier, Canterlot Gardens plans to bring you the most professional tournament experience possible while still predominately focusing on the more niche titles in the fighting game community. Unlike other annual tournaments, we plan to bring in voice actors and other talent from the games we play rather than simply just hosting a tournament!

This Year’s Guests:
***** Mane6 Devteam (Nappy, Leedin, Jay Wright, Elosande, Rainbowcrash88, Whitetail (AKA DJ Derpy Hooves))
***** Fighting is Magic Voice Talents: Kira Buckland (Mayor Mare), Hnilmik (Rarity), Meredith Sims (Twilight Sparkle)
***** UMvC3 voice Talents: DC Douglas (Wesker!), Jennifer Hale (Phoenix)
***** Skullgirls Voice Talents: Kira Buckland (Bloody Marie), Hnilmik (Ms. Fortune), Cristina Vee (Cerebella), Danielle McRae (Painwheel)
***** Blazblue Voice Talents: Cristina Vee (Noel Vermillion)
***** More! https://www.canterlotgardens.com/guests (Andrew W.K., John DiMaggio)

***** BrokenTier Present For Merch Sales! (Saturday Only)
***** 20 minute car ride from Seasons Beatings Ascension!
***** Gaming room open all weekend! (Side tournaments on Friday and Saturday TBD.)
***** Possible money matches!? Surprise guests!?
***** Ponies, Swag
***** Hype!


Excuse me what does “PC setups for Fighting Is Magic” mean?
Computers are not my strong point, so what specifically would I have to do to my Ps3 fight stick?

It just means that the game runs on PC.

Most PS3 sticks work right out of the box with Windows - At least the ones I have experience with. If you have a Madcatz or Hori you should be fine.

I don’t quite know what you mean but according to you I should just plug in with my Hori and be fine?
Thank you for your time.

When exactly is the registration gonna be going back up?

Taking a cut of the entry fee for the house is illegal. Hope this helps

If I want to bring horse’s hooves and stomp around, is that acceptable or will I be asked to leave?

Is it required to register online?
Edit: I finally saw that it isn’t

Isn’t that just venue fee

Edit: no wait this is weird because this is on a per game basis, and increasing the venue fee for each game you enter would be screwed up

Sorry about that - The venue fee is separate and already counted for. That percentage was left over from an older copy of the tournament sheet. I just went over it with a fine tomb comb to make sure no other errors were still there.

Thank you SO MUCH for clearing up the confusion.

I’m still confused. What’s a fine tomb comb?