[Sep 28, 2012] GUTS - Game Underground Tournament Spectacular 2012 (Somerville, MA)

Game Underground of Framingham, Massachusetts is happy to announce once again that they will be holding a Major right in the heart of Boston on the 28th-30th of September!

[LEFT]Holiday Inn Boston-Somerville[/LEFT]
[LEFT]30 Washington St[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Somerville, MA 02143[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Phone (617)628-1000[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Special Room Rates for Tournament Guests[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Ask for the Game Underground Room Rate.[/LEFT]
NOTICE: Special Hotel Room Rate will only be available until August 29! Get them while you can!

[LEFT]Single/Double $129.99[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Triple/Quad $139.99[/LEFT]


[LEFT]Venue Fee $30 Preorder $40 at the Door (Tickets will be on sale soon!)[/LEFT]

[LEFT]LINKS TO INDIVIDUAL Threads and rules will be up soon![/LEFT]

[LEFT]Street Fighter IV AE 2012 ($300 Pot Bonus from Replay’d)[/LEFT]
[LEFT](Hosted by Lucky D) APEX 2013 Qualifier[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 ($300 Pot Bonus)[/LEFT]
[LEFT](Hosted by Lucky D) APEX 2013 Qualifier[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Super Smash Bros Melee (Singles and Doubles)[/LEFT]
[LEFT](Hosted by Elen and Kevin M) APEX 2013 Qualifier[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Super Smash Bros Brawl (Singles and Doubles)[/LEFT]
[LEFT](Hosted by Dazwa) APEX 2013 Qualifier[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Tekken Tag Tournament 2[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3/5 Rounds, 2/3 sets[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Finals will be 3/5 sets[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Solo Mode will be BANNED from this tournament.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Soul Calibur V[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3/5 Rounds, 3/5 sets[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Viola Infinites are banned. Check out 8wayrun.com for rule sets.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Mortal Kombat [/LEFT]
[LEFT]2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Sets[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Finals will be 3/5[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Kratos’s Stage, Wasteland, and The Street are banned stages[/LEFT]
[LEFT]No Gameplay altering Kombat Kodes[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Kratos is banned.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Street Fighter X Tekken[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Sets[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2/3 Rounds, 2/3 sets[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Dead or Alive 5[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Check with tournament organizer for official rule-set.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2/3 sets, Top 8 will be 3/5 [/LEFT]
[LEFT]Super white stage banned![/LEFT]
[LEFT]Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3/5 Rounds, 2/3 sets, Finals will be 3/5[/LEFT]

Persona 4: Arena
2/3 Rounds, 2/3 sets

[LEFT]Possible Games[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Sony All Stars Battle Royale[/LEFT]
[LEFT]TMNT Tournament Fighters[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Tony Hawk HD[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Old School Game Speed Runs[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Project M[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Madden 13[/LEFT]
Hotel has a pool that can be accessed if you are staying at the hotel and have a room key.

Hotel has a nightclub that we will be able to set up some games in for late night freeplay and drinking for those who are 21+!

[LEFT]We have worked very hard to get affordable food at this event![/LEFT]

[LEFT]Mini Pizza - $3.00[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Potato Chips - $1.00[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Roll Ups - $5.00[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Hot Dogs - $2.50[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Chicken Fingers - $5.00[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Candy Bar - $1.25[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Cookie - $1.50[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Brownie - $1.50[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Soda - $1.25[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Water - $1.00[/LEFT]

[LEFT]The food sales from the concession stands at the venue directly effect our ability to put this event on at an affordable price. Please help us continue to have events at this awesome location by purchasing food from the venue.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]This thread will be updated as new details and features are ironed out. We look forward to hosting you guys again![/LEFT]

wheres APEX gunna b held?

If it was like last year, New Jersey.

Is there going to be a link or some kind of code to get the discount rate online, or do you have to call them?

Yoooo Get hype. Lets try to spread the word around and get all of East Coast to come to this tournament.

I’m in there. Please get the word out, everyone!

Also, I would definitely like to see Persona 4 Arena and Divekick at this event!

All the events you go to you must know Keits. Make it happen! Haha, I’d love to try it.

I will make Kung Pao work. Low tier hero.

To be clear, we only have to pay $30 to enter. The 100 dollar stuff is for hotel rooms correct?

I second Persona 4 Arena


i havent been to a tourney since november. but ill be going to this.

Coolz. I’ll defiantly be going then. I live very close to Sommerville.

I live an hour away. Sweet.

What are those other games listed for? Are they tournaments and possible tournaments, or just casual games? Also, does paying the 30 allow me to play in all the tournaments, or are there additional fees for each one I want to enter?

Do you have a schedule lined up yet? I would like to try and make it, but I don’t want to take Friday off from work unless I absolutely have to.

The games listed in the “Possible games” section are games that are being considered for tournaments at the event. The games before that are games already scheduled for tournaments. $30 is only for the venue fee. The games have separate entry fees (which will more than likely be $10 per game).

Are the tournaments really starting on Friday (a la evo style), or is Friday for side games, team tournaments, etc?

Upstate will be there

Can we get some more details? What’s going to be on what systems? Dates of which games? This will decide whether or not I can go.

I’m just gonna pretend I’m going to show up and then probably forget about it in a couple months

But if I remember, I’m in there

Gonna be so sick…, What system’s are AE and UMVC3 going to be played on? I don’t think I seen anything.

We’re hasing out the details as I type this. But do know that the contract has been signed and this is happening. We are very excited!