[Sep 18, 2011] New Challengers X Gaming Etc MK9/SSF4:AE/MVC3 (Stratford, CT)


Now its time for New Challengers X Gaming Etc


New Challengers?

New Challengers is going to be the new series of events that we will now be holding at Gaming Etc as we build them to be better and more fun for you guys the community. Now lets get down to the nitty gritty

When: September 18th
Registration: 11 - 2:30pm
Starts: 3pm
Venue Fee: $5 You must pay venue if your just playing casuals (Girls dont pay venue)
Games: MK9, AE, and MVC3
System: xbox 360
monitor: Asusvh236h
Tournament fee: $10 per game
Call the store if your going to be late (203) 296-9961
We will have setups now separately in the back, so you can play casuals while waiting for your turn in the tournament. Also feel free to bring in your own setup to play the game you want(space permitting)


I’m also getting more great stuff to raffle you guys, Games T Shirts etc so I expect to see you all there and things will keep getting BIGGER AND BETTER

CT, we da best

Needles how is that a maybe? Im giving you tons of time

Yea son New Challengers we in there (Darren) :smiley:

Yo! Definitely want to make it down for this and thanks for the early notice. I’m pretty sure I can make it. :smiley:

Tom see if the other guys can make it down with you

I’m in!!!

Glad to see your going to come! what about your friend is he coming to?

get your popcorn ready, craig keller is coming

craig fucking keller!!!

No Third Strike?


Liking the name “New Challengers” for this tournament series at Gaming Etc.

But I agree there should be 3s. I bet it would literally get more entries than MK. And I’d finally make top 3 in something as long as Walter doesn’t rig the brackets and have me fight the best players first round, three tournaments in a row >:(

Also let’s talk about the stream this time. I’m thinking we should do some MvC3/AE/3s (if it happens) pools all day (I can supervise switching between them if needed), then run the semis for all games on the stream. Last tourney we didn’t get any AE at all on there because we ran the entire MK tourney on stream, and it actually suffered greatly in views because of it (they doubled once MvC3 was put on). People get way hype over Marvel for some reason and new stuff, and 3s is “the new hotness” right now since it was just released. If we do it this way, I can help with the games running on the stream, do commentary for pools, and then record all the semis/finals for YouTube.

And by the way - since we’ve had two great turnouts, I’ll now be promoting this next event HEAVILY on my YouTube channels. So hopefully the stream will get HYPE!

Phil we have addressed the issue regarding scheduling conflicting with the stream and it wil be rectified for the 18th. As far as 3s goes we will see but no guarantees as we just made some new investments into the stream/systems/setups.

Does Waterbury know this going on?

i will be there as long as will and juice are trying to go again

start bugging them now!

NC_McJustin will be attending and HOPEFULLY getting a bigger (well known) MK crowd up this way

i’ll be there again fo sho! not gonna give away free marvel wins this time by playin arthur lol

I hope not!!! also your 1-1 in raffles

I’ll be there. Get hype