[Sep 18, 2011] Best Of 3 Gaming Presents: First Blood (Norwalk, CT)

Sept. 18th, 2011…

BO3G’s first tournament ever! The game is Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition for XBOX 360.
The event is from 10:00am to 10:00pm.
$15 when you RSVP online to participate, $20 at the door before 11:30am, $5 to spectate.
Tournament starts @12:00 pm, casuals will be held prior.

Participants are more than welcome to bring their own consoles/monitors to commence casuals during the event.

Wired controllers only!!

1st place: $300
2nd place: $150
3rd place: $50


Double or single elimination? Xbox 360 or PS3? Wireless controller ban? What kind of monitors will this be played on?

If it is on PS3 do us all a favor and make the switch to 360. No one wants to play on PS3.

yeah what console is it on? I may show up for this since it’s so close to me

Rest assured folks, it will all be on 360 for sure. Double elimination is a standard we will stand by. I’ll be nice and allow wireless controls for the time being, so long as you guys are courteous with proper switching to avoid confusion. As far as the monitors are concerned, we strive for continuity in setups to avoid confusion and variance in quality. However, given this is our maiden voyage into the tourney foray, our resources are somewhat limited. What we will do is ensure we have setups that have comparable contrast ratios and will only spec at 2ms latency. I am more than happy to answer all of your questions.

Ahhh…so it’s $15 for venue AND entry. I thought you were telling me before that the venue fee alone was $15.

It’s 2½ hours away from here, so…I’m really not sure if I will end up making it. But either way, good luck! I hope the event goes well.

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Nope, $15 if you rsvp on our site. That is the fee to get in and participate. $20 if you don’t rsvp and apply at the door before 11:30am. $5 if you simply want to walk in and spectate/casual.

Sounds quite fair to me.

I recommend editing the OP with the extra info and also ban wireless controllers. Tell competitors if they take out the rechargeable battery and plug in using the charger, acts just like an arcade stick, therefore, no synching bullshit and holding up the tournament

After much deliberation, wired solutions seem the best way to go for any tournament scenario. Thanks for the suggestion, ClxJames!

Is this still happening?

Most Certainly is.