Sentinel kicks really really fast

Ok I was readin the Sentinel thread and I think I found out what I was wonderin but I’am not sure.

Ok so like I’ve seen Sentinel players do this thing where they to two kicks really really fast. Idk if they are two low kicks or and low and fierce. From what I read you gotta fly, unfly and refly to do it. Is that right. If so how do you do it cause I suck with flying and unflying as it is already. I can never get fly mode on command when trying combos. I always end up just kicking them down :sweat:


if u HK then it will send them down. what u probably saw was something like launch,, fly, You just have to learn how to fast fly. if u dont fast fly the 2nd kick wont come out in time to combo. And u dont have to fly and unfly and refly in the same combo unless u want to be fancy. But u have to Fast-fly always.

yeah that makes sense. I just gotta learn how to go into fly mode instead of hitting kick instead… its so annoying

You could try inputting the fly command as a dragon punch motion. Its an extra step that tightens up the motion a little bit. No really good reason, but it works for me when i need to do a precise quarter circle input in the midst of a lot of other random joystick movement (ie fast fly or dash xx fly or sj xx fly etc).

btw do you speak or understand Japanese fluently at all?

thanks zangief, I’ll have to try that as well. What sometimes works if I do a slight pause then to the motion then the kicks. idk I suck, LOL just gotta find some time to practice seriously which is hard when I have to practice for CS, LOL

oh yeah I speak Japanese. I’am part Japanese. I’am not 100% fluent though. I suck at dat also :looney:

Hmm, i dunno if you’re interested but I’ve been helping Magnetro translate Joo’s (japanese Marvel cat who made Meikyousisui combo series) MvC2 site. I’m about 0.01% fluent and have been making my way only with GoogleTranslate and bare minimum language skills.

Basically we can handle breaking down 90% of the info, but here and there we get stuck on some word of phrase that we can’t make heads or tails on, and we need someone who knows the game and the language for some insight. :sweat::lovin:

I’d love to help you guys!!! I guess just send me the words or phrases and I’ll see what I can do :lovin:

Oh yeah, I’z forget. What is da Dragon Punch motion? I always get those terms like tiger knee and stuff confused…??

thanks. I’ll pm you about the translation project.

ps DP motion is 623 (if you look at the number pad of your keyboard it’ll make sense) aka forward, down, down-forward.

so anybody in here got some fancy fast fly combos??

fuck yea i got mad combos, i invented this one. it goes…

in air above opponent:

lk, hk, fly lk, hk, unfly, refly, lk, hk, fly, unfly, refly, lk, hk, [fly, unfly] repeat brackets.

i call it trixie.

omfg i just found my x-acto knife!!! finnally!!!

that ones ok but how about the one i call trixie 2 !! haha :lol:

it goes like this…

same as yours u gotta be in air above opponent:

lk, hk, fly lk, hk, [unfly hold stick up forward then hit lk, hk], fly lk, hk, [repeat the unfly bracket]

or u can take the lk out of there after unflying and just j. hk, fastfly lk, hk, u know the rest just repeat it etc…’s%20Clip%20Compilation.mpg <~ combos for the common/average marvel player

IMO still a little too basic for most of marvel.

Godlike cross-ups.:woot:

wtf r u talking about?? whats to basic??