Sentinel infinite

Does sentinel have a infinite? The question comes because i saw in a video in the multimedia of shoryuken this guy using sentinel and i don’t remember how he lauch the guy with the assist of one of his partners but he did it and then when the character was in mid air he just start to fly and then press lk,lk,rocket punch in the corner . The question here is if sentinel have a infinite and if he does if i can do it without traping the character in the corner?


I see you are from PR, where exactly are you from? And who are you?..maybe we know each other.

Anyways, He has sort of a semi-infinite in the corner that goes: (with unfly mode)

Launch,, fly,, sj.fp, unfly,, fly,, sj.fp, unfly,, fly,, sj.fp, unfly,, fly,, xx RP.

You can add assists at the end of the combo like CykeAAA to make the combo longer or start with a ground chain like,, fly,, sj.rh, unfly, sj.rh, dash in,, xx RP xx HSF, dash in, launch…

Sent does have an infinite, but it’s too hard, not practical in any way, I’ve seen my friend White Knight do a couple of reps but I haven’t tried it myself, it goes like this:

Launch, sj.lp,, fly, sj.lp,, unfly, fly, sj.lp,…keep reapeting the part in italic.

yeh. it’s prolly easier to do with a programmed pad, having a button for kk.

the easy semi infinite, that owns…

“rp, hsf, s.hp”

owns… plus if they block, it’s a solo trap.

unless they use advanced guard tactics as demonstrated in the vid on

tru that

that fly mode short short rp is an assist infinite. the only reason it wasn’t blocked is cuz the assist couldn’t block.

hey guys im from P.R too,i play in Bayamon,where do u play??

I play in the timeout of Yauco and sometimes in the timeout of Ponce. So we are very far away so.

what the heck???do i know you where you the one who played on the 1st player and used magneto/cable/ironman?that u had walkman on and a red shirt???yo im from ponce go every saturday to ponce or whichever u r from

btw in yauco todavia tienen mvc2?

No, i’m from guayanilla and i have played in ponce like two times so i’m not that guy, and yes yauco todavia tiene mvc2

en que parte de guayanilla???si vives por las magas,tengo familia pero mientras tanto tienes aim or msn so we can hook up and play y yauco sucks trust me pero avisame ve a ponce todos los sabados

Sabes que vivo en las magas arriba frente a magas mini market y tengo msn

cool creo que se pero dame tu e-mail de msn y te anado por ahi ok peace

Es pero hay un problema la computadora es de primo y lo mejor es que cuando que veas en el foro mires si estoy online para que hables conmigo. A otra cosa para que se te haga mas facil ponme en tu buddy list y te dice si estoy online o offline

ok added to msn list me avisas y mera yauco es una mierda

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para eso hay un PR thread en atl south…