Sentinel corner combos

Not sure if anybody’s done this before but: s.lpRP xx HSF dash forward ^ sj.lp FF HPthrow AA f.hp f.dpRP fly forward HPthrow AA f.hp f.dpRP

This is 100% on Cable.

EDIT: Link the f.hp to the f.dpRP slowly or the rocket punch will miss.

Near-100% combos: s.lpRP xx HSF dash forward ^ sj.lp FF HPthrow f.hp f.lpRP s.lpRP xx HSF dash forward ^ sj.lp FF HPthrow AA f.hp f.dpRP

I’m sure people have done the latter 2 but it’s always good to rehash the basics, no? :wgrin:

(the last one might be 100%, I’m not too sure)

Yeah those are pretty much 100% damage, however the grab is too predictable.

I wonder if you can guard break with f.hp, pause, call Cyclop, unfly, sj.lp sj.RP sj.hp then…

That or do like in the MvC2 Adv. Tactics video:

hp throw (tech hit) unfly ^ sj.hp FF f.hp f.lpRP

modified to:

hp throw (tech hit) unfly ^ sj.hp FF AA f.hp unfly land ^ sj.lp sj.RP

you should NEVER need more than one throw in a combo to kill off an opponent. heres an easy one that i like to do

launch, sj.lp,, ff,, f. lpRP,,, f.DPRP, fp grab,, f.lpRP,,, DPRP. dont think it kills them, but if you start it off with HSF or throw in an assist somewhere i’m sure it iwll.

heres one of my FAVORITES,, rp xx HSF, dash foward,, xx (1 hit), do his punch air super using the ahvb motions /,

and after that you can mouth beam to whatever the fuck you want, or hk to whatever you want. i usually launch to some unblockable setup.

oh yea, for a person coming in, an easy unblockable is simply., pause, to any combo you want haha

It’s probably better if you start out with a j. hp, then fly and do a double/triple rocket punch combo. Well, that’s what I normally do when I know I can’t just unblockable the person.