Sent blue flame glitch?

When Sent is Flying (qcb+pp) his rocket boosters are blue, and when he’s not there yellow. there’s a way to keep them blue even if he’s not flying. First Fly (qcb+pp) then do Hard Drive(qcf+pp) and delay hyper combo so Sent gets out. Now sent is partner b so delay hyper combo until he comes out again and his boosters will be blue instead of yellow, even his Plasma Storm (qcf+pp) changes color. This may trick people into thinking that your flying or about to.

yo does it work in the game or just in training mode???

In works in the game to. And to correct myself Fly is (qcb+kk).


is there any way to change the color of his flames like by choosing him with a diffrent button?

ray sux

Nope just yellow and blue.:stuck_out_tongue:

ray sux

weird i figured that would change with the rest of his colors ,guess not…

ray sux

Yeah, Bummer:bluu:

hey clayface what button do you press to get him in that kick ass black and red color ?

ray sux

The Partner A button

Wow, that acutally works. Not incredibly useful, but it’s cool nonetheless. It changes back to normal once you enter flight mode for real.

thanx :eek: :eek: :eek:

Or normal jump, either way, it’s tight as shizzzzz